Scams on Dating Sites.

There are numerous cases of fraud on the Internet and users of dating sites have every chance to encounter scammers. Still one needn’t get discouraged as it is not difficult to secure yourself from them.

Avoid Scammers

Their schemes are rather simple. They will never ask money at the beginning of your virtual acquaintance. It’s quite natural, anyone would refuse and they expect it. So they just take time to worm themselves into your confidence. They know that people who seek for serious relationship in the Internet easily trust their interlocutors, especially when they have been communicating with them for some time, let us say, for a month.

Both men and women can be victims of the Internet frauds
As scammers most often find their victims among men, let’s look at the situation from their point of view first. No matter who initiates your communication on the dating site, you or the girl, she will be continuously writing that you are the man she has been looking for all her life. Soon (in a week or in a month) time comes to discuss your meeting. The girl will say that she would be happy to visit you but for the lack of money necessary for visa or something like that. Any man if he likes the girl will provide her with $200-300. Then the situation develops depending on how audacious the scammer is. Either the girl disappears forever (you realize at last that you know neither her phone number nor address) or she informs you that the visa is ready but again she can’t afford buying a ticket because of her little salary. What will the true gentleman do? He will offer the money taking his chance to see her. As soon as the money is received, your love will hardly ever contact you.

This is only one of their stories. Aiming at getting your money scammers invent a lot of others, even about her child’s mortal disease or her getting in a terrible accident. You can also hear less tragic stories ‒ she has to pay penalty for having broken a vase in a museum otherwise she will get in prison. As it sounds so realistic, your first intention is to help her. When you send her money, don’t bother to send your messages to her. You will get no answer, because she has got everything she wanted and now she is manipulating a new victim.

What concerns girls, the situation is a bit different, still they also face scammers. When you feel that you are in love with the man and tell him about it, he disappears. You are going out of your mind with worry when a week later he appears and writes he became a victim of some robbers who took him to another town. He needs money to get home but no one can help him. Girls are sensitive as a rule so it is not difficult to arouse pity in them, especially if the man seems to be so close to you. Why not send him some money? He is sure to return it on coming home. But in reality he disappears and this time for ever. There are stories about ill parents, etc.

You should know that you won’t be able to identify a scammer from the beginning of your acquaintance. Being good psychologists themselves or hiring a psychologist, these people know how to act. Of cause, people can get into situations when they really need help, including money. Such cases constitute 2-3% of the total number of inquiries for help on dating sites. If you believe that with your refusal you will kill your chance to establish a relationship, lend your helping hand, but be cautious. Save your money and help fight scammers.


  1. S_Cordy

    Well, details. Yep. I know how it hurts. You tell her the most important and sincere intimacies, she is in you totally, cares and listens to very carefully and deeply, asks questions and luring you into conversation again. Suddenly you understand that you are too close to each other and you start to believe in this relations. Such a silly walk in! Indeed I wasn’t even aware of any scam with long corespondense.

  2. Dr. T

    I have some words for you to read. It’s important who was the first who initiated your connection you see.. Somehow that was a woman, as men usually are more shy to start a conversation. So if you get your first letter with a love wishes and sweet words about how wonderful you are – what a small scammer you are talking to). Real professional would have a long chain of letters with you until you stuck in love or at least get enormous interest of the person you cut the distance with. Be cautious.

  3. Sam

    My experience is less helpful however I know that usually you check the website to register. And .. never, NEVER use free dating sites as usually except gaming and performances you won’t be able to distinguish something real and good..

  4. Boris V.

    Russian and ukrainian sites are like this. They lie about single women and I don’t know where do they find so many single beautiful women.. really..!

  5. Sean Derck

    Oh no! I think there is no way to worm into this problem just to solve it.. I wonder for what? Does it have any chances to survive among freeky dating tricks online? I think no chances. Gimmies and gready would lead criminals to their actions, this will last forever until online romance is alive.

  6. Daniel

    A friend of mine was the first who tried dating online but I made everything to prevent him from doing this. I am paranoid. I considered all of that great theater. But today I add the “-ed” to the word “consider”. No one is pushing you to do this, no one is hanging you, no one is forcing you to pay or to give all your money. If you have a head on your shoulders and referring to the article, I think you have chances to de tank.

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