False Ideas about Russian Dating

1. Scammers flood Uadreams.com Dating Agency

Those who say so are mistaken. Scammers manage to get there, but they are few due to the screening process. Every day the site’s admin does titanic work checking every new girl. I admire their talent and patience. If any scam artists do filter into the site, you can easily see them. So they don’t pose a problem. You are running the risk even if you are dating local girls. Liars can be everywhere. Life is like that.
Initiate communication firs from your side to be sure the rules of the game is yours

2. Uadreams girls are real, still they want only your money?

I’ve read a story of a guy who dated a Ukrainian girl. He traveled from the UK to Ukraine for 2-3 days and spent $2500 on jewelry, expensive restaurants, etc. That’s really a lot, but one shouldn’t be so gullible.


Follow the simple rule: first talk with the girl via email. Ask simple questions and you will see how matters stand. If everything is OK, start communicating via Skype to get a better view of the situation. Wait for some more weeks or even months and start getting ready to see her in real. I personally think (to be exact I know that from my experience) that 6-10 weeks is an obligatory minimum. Don’t relax during this time, pay attention to all the details. Look through social networks (Russian-language), maybe there are any traces of her there. If you don’t find her name anywhere, then she must be using a false name.

One day she will want to meet you. I wouldn’t recommend you to organize your meeting in her hometown. Let the place of your meeting be much farther. It can tell you a lot. I personally met my girls in other countries ‒ Germany, Poland and France. As a rule my dates paid for their travel expenses themselves. Only once I paid for a girl, but that time I was infatuated by her beautiful looks.

3. The girls are not serious about it.

No wonder, because it is the men’s fault. Just consider how they write messages, “Hi, how are you”. It’s a much better idea to study the women’s profiles carefully and to show in your message that you have been very attentive and interested. Or you may use a template, but don’t forget to adapt it to make it look natural.

Trust my experience, any lady will be pleased to receive a well written message aimed only at her and in this case she is sure to reply. So, let your messages be unlike the crap she gets every day.

4. Don’t pay attention to positive reviews, they are fake.

A guy asserts that my reviews are fake, as well as any positive review is. I can’t say anything about other reviews, but mine is both positive and real.

Why not believe me? I have been married to a Russian woman for more than a year. We are happy together. My wife is pregnant now. She never asks for money from me. Even if I want to take her out to the restaurant, she insists on paying for herself. Maybe my wife was the only perfect woman on the site, but it would seem even more unbelievable.

I am not going to post any pictures here, neither of the girls I met (it would be rude on my part), nor of me and my wife (for privacy reasons). So it’s up to you to believe me or not.

5. Choose wMature man for Slavic girl is the best husbandomen of your age.

A guy is against an age difference of more than 3-5 years. Well, I’m 11 years older than my wife. I used to date with girls on Uadreams.com who were 16 years younger. In Russia it is even easier to find a young wife. My wife’s father married a 29 year-old girl when he was 65. Now they have three babies!

I should say it depends on what the girl wants and what she is looking for. Russian girls usually want calm and mature men.

6. I’m young, athletic, rich and nice, but women don’t respond to me.

Why should a woman always reply to a guy just because he writes to her? Maybe she doesn’t like you. It’s her right, and let her be herself.

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