UaDreams scams complaints

UaDreams scams complaints

Dating Real Russian Girls
UaDreams Guides You To All Scams.
Here we will talk about scam in general, we will make some reviews in the proper way – this will give you the opportunity to distinguish truth or lie. If we speak about online fraud,...
Previously I was telling you a lot about my personal online dating love story about going to Ukraine . So that I hope that my experience is to be considered as valuable, and may be...
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UaDreams Guides You To All Scams.

Here we will talk about scam in general, we will make some reviews in the proper way – this will give you the opportunity to distinguish truth or lie.

If we speak about online fraud, it can be really various. Probably we describe more specifically about few of them however they are the most common.

Modern scam goes with time and never be sure that you are in safe if you are not able to determine some descriptions in your situation. Just focus on the information below – it will help you to understand fraud carefully.

UaDreams will give you more information about global scam world. Keep reading.

General types of scam:

“Fee in advance” Fraud.

You can find some information if you name it 419 scams, famous in Nigeria according to criminal law if you remember – Nigeria takes the first frauds place in the world. Frauds of this type takes various forms however we guess jewelry, gold, enormous sum of money goes on the top. As you see the name of this type “Fee in advance” Fraud leads to the advance circumstance – all victims have to pay in advance.

These fees are to be paid for medical treatment, some kind of so-called legal documents, payments for any kind of services (lawyer, security, court), delivery and different ordinary claims.
Snowball rushes when a fee is paid and there comes another one, such action continues until vulnerable victim realizes that this is a real scam.
No way-bill, no consignment.. but people are ready to pay huge amount of money. Fraudsters represent the whole story in such a way the victim does not have any choice but to pay fast without any delay and consideration of the issue.

Here we can see common principles of lie:

  • contracts that are over invoiced
  • bank accounts appeared to be unclaimed
  • immediate family member with sudden death and inheritance
  • émigré, who is not able to take out of the country his valued things by himself only
  • Person who dies and intends to transfer his money with charity purposes
  • Foreign investor with money and serious intentions to another country

All these scenarios of extracting the money tend to be the most famous for their victims. If you wish to have more details about fraud, fraudsters, scam and scammers naturally – you may keep reading the post below and we will try to make you enjoy but pay attention to some important facts.

Lottery idea.

Supposedly you have been received some mails about huge sum of money before? As a rule a scammer imitates happiness according to the fortune of money to win and vulnerable victim will be definitely happy about that. If we refer to fee fraud – here you will see many fees for the registration (as you may guess you need a lawyer to be paid, a prize to be claimed, think about shipping cost and do not forget about currier service). Those will last forever, until your money is to be finished or you simply sick and tired of the endless play.

Such a random lottery we mean usually tricks with email address – that is the only thing scammer needs. To adorn their lie with “truthful” facts scammers put some legitimate links and references with pictures or logos and etc. They do their best!

Keep reading if you want to know more about lottery and scam cases in this sphere.

Bill, check or financial order scam.

Here you can meet lots of variations; we will assist you with some types of such scam to determine.
Some types are as common as popular the most in nowadays.

1. Upcharge scam.
It can happen when the victim intends to send any item online. Scammers usually strictly denote and show their interest in buying this item as soon as possible but with the help of the third party not to be tricked in online trading. For example at first they ask for a price and then the overpay with representing the check. Hereafter they need the victim to send the balance to this third party that appears to be a fake. Actually many case can happen in real estate industry when one side (seller) is advertising the apartment, another side (scammer) is ready to buy it and requests to accept the upcharge document. So the seller has to send the remaining amount to “legal” shipping company or any other fabricated party that is of course a scam team.

2. Lending scam or investor scam.
Connected with another type of scam about win or lottery or heritage and the victim is not able to pay all required fees to get the deposit. Sure such scam system is set in such a way when victim cannot afford this and is desperate to loan. Of course you understand that big amounts of money do not exist, however scammers receive their “salary” within endless fees. And if the victim confesses in his dire state, the scammer performs another role in this play: the investor who will help the victim to pay these fees with proper invoice attached of course. Furthermore any bank or financial organization can imitate the legal organization for lending.

3. Representatives, job scam.
Pretending to be someone who leads legal business with proper proves. As a rule they “have” foreign clients but to means to transfer their payments. The first this that should warn you – no perspective company would ask someone to use their data to transfer the money with. Such companies supply their goods but have no private regular means to proceed the payments – this is rather strange – isn’t it?
Or any job scammer, pretending to be financial representative or some other company manager for controlling transfer process – also is a puzzle to reconsider. You send them their salary through check or Western Union service.

4. Romantic or love scam.
Here we speak about dating scam, victims are involved in love affair with chatting, correspondence or elsewhere through online dating websites. Scammers use long-term sets to fall in love and vulnerable victim is ready to help his or her sweetheart anytime. So for example scammer is ready to come to his beloved but needs some money. Or sometimes scammer offers to pay some bills he cannot afford to pay right now or to pay the bill to those persons he loaned the money to or to resend some emails he cannot do that by himself. This is more fraudulent, called “mule” action – victim is about to commit the crime with spreading scammy checks.

Among all advises how to avoid romantic scam please read the information below carefully.

Dating agencies may use free basis of usage – this is the first sign of warning!
However, filter out such services among all services in the world. We cannot take all responsibility for others in this sphere. Such online dating websites as needs payment for their services. However the membership is for free, so you may think over first and try if there is any risk there or not. Besides, there is an opportunity to sent several free letters to verify if you communicating with real ladies or not.

Meanwhile we should accept the implementation of Anti-Scam Department is a great effort to confront with the scam and fraud!

What is more, no Western Union transferring in private form is allowed. Personal information exchanging is prohibited, of course. This is one of the most important defenses from scam nowadays.

As a matter to fact we kindly advise you to verify the ways of payment if you try to pay for your services. UaDreams give the guarantee the safety of your billing information and no one will use it for profit.

Think about overpayment bills, investment offers, financial managers or agents or company representatives – all of these services should be definitely distinguished as a regular online scam.
We want to warn you: if someone, a stranger made a request to eliminate your checks or documents regarding your business, with transfer assistance, you need urgently act and report.
The risk is that scammer can ask potential victim to cash the check – here you may face with the problem that check is appeared to be stolen or just a “piece of paper”. More often criminals consider that banks need some legal documents like such kind of checks to cash the money and probably they cannot be cleared properly. However lots of scammers have been arrested during such actions. Firstly – poor victims then – scammers of course.

Money of the black sign or so-called “wash-wash”.

Special dye of black color should be used for making the money to disguise. Expensive chemicals are required to clean the money and to return them to general money velocity. So victim considers it have a profit as the fee is definitely less than total value of the whole amount. Sometimes victims are welcomed to show the cleaning process however black money seems to be just a paper of black color so this challenge should be avoid as well.

Sweet scam or love scam.

Here beautiful photos stolen from the internet are used to attract potential victim. Scammer uses each opportunity to trick the client and to run him out of money. We mean dating websites with chatting rooms with webcamera when big scam team is working. Usually you can face with lots of people who work on the whole situation to perform everything as real love relationship. Firstly it is important to be attentive listener, pay attention to all details – that will help to make the victim to fall in love, to begin to trust and be ready to help. So when “beloved” criminal confesses about his mom illness or big dept for the apartment or deposit for credit or education or whatever, victim is ready to transfer any sum of money overseas.

Charity ideas for scam.

Such scammers are called heartless. They do not have any conscience and go ahead with tricking people who intend to transfer money for helpless people, children, funds, organizations, etc.
Scammer can be a representative of an orphan house, ministry or just religion section.

They use each reason to ask money for: earthquake, tsunami, floods, orphan, war suffers, African countries with no water and medical treatment and etc.

So we will give you some fact about recognizing the scam case in daily life. But pay attention that there are just some of them, it is impossible to count how many new ones can appear day after day.

  • When you realize this tale is unreal, it is so good that is better than true if you spend less than receive
  • Surprisingly fast with fortune and success
  • If you receive scam letter with no name of yours in it
  • Scammer used to insist in urgent actions and no time to think
  • Strictly confidential case
  • Diplomat or lawyer or some bank officials addresses to you directly
  • Forgery documents
  • Any request of your personal information such as email address, or passwords, passport data or bank account details
  • You receive emails from government organization that use free email accounts
  • Mobile phones are used often, no fixed line telephone
  • According to the fee to pay urgently there is an additional word “the last one”
  • Unexpected offer to help and to pay one of your fees to make you to rely on him

What to do urgently when you appeared to be scammed?

  • Stop communicating with the criminals in urgent way. Do not reply if scammers use mobile phone to contact you and delete emails connected with this case
  • Immediate report to the local police department. Of course there is no guarantee that the scammer will be arrested at once as he uses false details and supposedly he is in another country, however your case should be informed about – this will help to investigate the similar cases and prevent others from being victims
  • Inform your bank about scam issue in case scammer knows your personal details or bank account number. Your private account should be blocked for entering and all data changed as soon as possible
  • All paper deliveries – that can be order for money transferring or check – should be brought to the police
  • Panic must be excluded. Remember: scammers never waste their time with the victims who refuse or doubt to send the money. Of course they will threat but they simply lack of time and keep doing their criminal actions with someone else very fast
  • You shouldn’t have any hopes to see your money back if you have already sent them
  • Keep speaking and informing others about your case. Your friends and family should know about scam as more as possible to prevent them from being tricked. Educate people
  • Get more information in the Internet

We underline that first of all you have choice – to start and join or to think and overpass.

Friendly using website design offers you the Great Menu panel: useful information you need.

Dating service offers useful site-bar navigation

Agency, Ladies, Services, Trips, Support – all these options will give more specific details about services and the company in general.
You need to pay attention to free registration: probably you will not like the website interface or you haven’t chosen any lady you would like to communicate with, so you may register, observe the website and remove your profile from the system – this is free of charge.
First of all this is worthy for note that Gallery of Ladies gives you 1000+ single beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women! WOW..
Single ladies for serious relationship want to meet men on Uadreams
You can spend hours by watching smiling beautiful faces. But here is advanced search with lots of categories that increases your chances to find the proper lady.

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Build
  • Keyword
  • Children
  • Want children
  • Glasses
  • Religion
  • Drink
  • Smoke
  • Education
  • Zodiak
  • Field of work
  • Marital status

The menu will help you to find a woman by categories you need
As you can see – the choice is the greatest, and categories will help you to make it easier as it may seem. Very convenient to use search tools to find your date: just click on each bar and select the necessary notion, several seconds – and you get best result!
Once you get into lady’s profile you will be able to look through public photos and basic information. Is easy to add the lady to the list of Favorites. This will give her the priority to be in easy contact.
I must admit all women are educated. You may see the Education bar, as well as field of work and occupation. When ladies decide to join the agency, they are interviewed, their passports are checked and their lives are monitored on a regular basis. If managers think or have even some tiny doubts that Lady is not sincere – they reject applications.
On profile page the customers of Uadreams get info about appearance, preferences, life style, aims of ladies
What is more, they are NOT just desperate to find foreign husbands or immigrate from Ukraine. The women of are typically not only well educated, but attractive, and smart. Compatible partner is what they seek. Anyway you may choose a young vivid lady who is still a student or get acquainted with experienced adult woman.

New Russian or Ukrainian Women Every Day

Every day new ladies join to Uadreams to meet men from all over the world
If insatiable appetite of yours is not calm down by those wonderful ladies, you can always be impressed by fresh ones. So don’t despair, each day wait impatiently for1-2 new ladies on UaDreams! You can be the first who send them a letter. Besides, if you like to be online for hours, thats easy for you to observe news. Anyway, you may visit the website from time to time in order to stay well informed, you can receive any urgent notification. You may ask why I am so sure about the intensity of new ladies appeared. That’s because UaDreams have established a reputation of a reliable and first-class socializing service.

The majority of our clients are fully satisfied with the level of our services, but I don’t care of them. You know, the best friend of mine had a successful dating experience! I cannot say what is the exact motivation for a foreigner to have Ukrainian or Russian wife, but Slavic women have such a magic ability to keep strong family status, I mean they know exactly how to save relationship, but not to destroy them!

If you paste the phrase “Ukrainian women for marriage” in Google, you’ll find UaDreams on the first three positions among best and most popular dating agencies.

Secure communication services: privacy.

Obviously, it is not simple to find the right person while communicating with only one lady all the time. For example, you may get acquainted with many interesting ladies, but the main point is to make a choice. Speaking about the fidelity: probably, it would be sincere for both sides (and ladies could definitely have a notion about it) that a noble man may keep communicating with several ladies simultaneously. It is quite normal. And how long – it depends on your feeling. If a lady is ready to meet you, – she will let you know. And, probably, that means she is ready for the next stage of your relationship. Just step forward.

So, speaking about letters as the main form of communications – the website offers you the easiest design to use: Mailbox area gives you lots of possibilities to enjoy your membership. For me, It was great to use letter messaging system.
Mailbox service are completely convenient for correspondence: history, sent mails, received multimedia
I should admit, it takes up to 3 days to make the letter to be translated, printed and shown to the lady. As soon as they receive your letter – a lady is informed immediately! So she can set up her plans to come and write you a reply as soon as possible. Besides, you may use SMS option that work really fast! In case you do not wish to speak with any special lady – there is reject option, so you may use any of the reason to prevent from any further communication.

If you ask about the privacy, I can imagine how long we can speak on, yeah!

If you try to paste the text but still cannot finish, pay attention that all this information will be saved in Drafts but in case you write to the same lady.

What is outstanding – you may see at once when the letter is read. Usually dark letters become light (marked as read), that means, the letter is opened. Till that time you have chances to change your mind, to delete letter and you will receive your credit back!

About pricing

The prices are fully justified. Have you any doubts? As you can check – the UaDreams company is very big ( and they have a lot of branches all over Ukraine. A great deal of clients are from all parts of the world and they have a big number of Ukrainian ladies as well. All services for the ladies are for FREE. They don’t have to pay for correspondence forwarding, translation, internet, video and photo shooting.

What is more, the company has to pay for the site support, offices rent, internet, office equipment, salaries to our numerous staff. It all cost money. Ukraine has quite high prices in the market of goods and real estate market as well! You probably won’t believe but some goods cost really more here than in US or EU. The prices in Ukraine are almost the same as in Western Europe and US.

Let’s be honest – if put down the prices for the services, the company will get bankrupt.

For valued customers they offer a big range of services you get in bulk. Plus – a good discount in such cases.

Now let’s take for example one email price that they offer to customers to pay. It’s 6.99$. Now let’s see for what you for example pay. For seven dollars you may type a letter of 4.500 characters (while many of other agencies let only 2000 or even less). Then the translator does translation of the letter if needed and prints both letters in English and Russian. The lady comes to the office reads the letter and writes the answer in Russian. Then this letter is translated into English and typed on the computer and sent to you. So as you see you pay only 6.99 $ for two translated letters.

To your attention I may say that the majority of other agencies charge their clients 7-10 EURO for the same service, or they charge 10 US$ for only one letter translated, to get the answer you’ll have to pay 10$ more. Is it a big deal?

Perfect translation

That is so good if lady can speak foreign language! Well, I will try to explain what to do if she does not.

Of course, you may get acquainted with many interesting ladies, some of them can speak English fluently, some of then – not bad or can understand somehow at least. But one point should be mentioned: UaDreams gives a chance to create a couple to each lady. So if they distinguish all ladies with perfect skills of foreign language – what about the others? It will be unfair.

Besides, they offer great choice of services for your lady: translation and interpreter service, Foreign language courses, private lessons, etc. You cannot evem imagine how good they are in their job! Besides, if you have any concern, you may contact their support center – they react immediately!

And as a rule, let me add, if it is a right person you need – you can easily communicate even if there is any language barrier. You must understand that each Ukrainian woman has her own character and that what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. Think about the person you will feel comfortable with and they will help you to resolve any language difficulties.

Payment Security

If you care of privacy, let me tell you that it goes to the main attitude of other clients, developing this business and the whole reputation of the client as well.

You can use credit card, debit card (Visa or/and Master Card), Western Union or Bank Transfer option. Be sure: each personal information is confidential and no one will use it for any business profit.
You can use confidential and security payment system for money transaction on Uadreams

Meeting and dating

There are no guarantees nowadays, as any business is under the pressure of perspective of bankruptcy (i.e. financial, political crisis, etc.). Yes, such websites are not the charity organizations, they do earn money from it, but it is not the goal. UaDreams has a big number of employees who need wages, offices to pay rent, pay bills to programmers and stuff. There are no simple things there.
Employees of Uadreams congratulate the customers with big holidays
A friend of mine has his doubts as to the goals. By any means each business is money. But I had my own experience, so I must admit, UaDreams has a goal different from earning money, this goal is to help people to find each other, they assist them for it, act as a buffer between them when something goes wrong, working out all the misunderstandings due to mentality, language or others. I’ve never seen people who love their job so much before!

That is why it’s better to organize the first meeting with the lady in the agency. Just to save you from any misunderstandings or bad cases like fraud or scam (such can happen, you’ve read too much I hope in forums). You know, this is a responsibility of a high level, the staff can give you guarantee. Afterwards you may communicate with this lady without the help of the agency – this is great I think! What is more – about advantages- if you intended to engage with the beloved one – take an opportunity to come to Ukraine and visit different branches during one trip – it is convenient as you may arrange meetings with several ladies as well! You get what you try. You can talk by letters but sometimes one meeting force you to make the right decision.

Review of UaDreams website: let’s make a conclusion

Go ahead and register on UaDreams website like I’ve done some time ago. A good friend of mine once told me that combination of femininity and intuition used in combination makes some ones go crazy! What I am talking is about Ukrainian women. No one else could keep the flame out for years, so that can save your marriage. Don’t be stupid, do not waste your time and use the luck with UaDreams – my suggestion is only suggestion, however it can help someone to change his life forever!


  1. Expensive I think..

    I don’t want to pay 7$ for a letter..

    But as to my privacy – policy is good enough. I do not want someone to use my personal information.. A friend of mine has suffered from attacks of scam girls..Who knows about her seriousness.

  2. These guys are great and astounding! Ladies are amazing, beautiful and smart. I couldn’t dare think that it could be a real story about me. I like this website very much as well as Ukrainian people, professional staff and really good service.

  3. I just like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check once more here frequently. I am moderately sure I will be told lots of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the following!

  4. UaDreams scams! I spent my money on mails, photos & video chats with a girl on the site who claimed to be very interested in me, sent me romantic mails, but after few months of online conversation with her she refused to meet me. I think if a woman is truly interested in you some day she will want to meet you.

  5. I have been the member of UADREAMS more than three and half years. And I can say their service is very professional. I have made couple trips to Ukraine via this dating agency.

    All of the beautiful ladies that have been presented to me were more than real. I don’t know the reason why people say uadreams scams and their girls are fake. They are very lovely and smart, realistic. They have everything that I was looking for. And fortunately I’ve met my Dream woman here in Nikolaev.

    All I want to say – I am so grateful to my interpretor, to UADREAMS for giving me this opportunity. guys come on over and take a look at greatest secret that this world has and at these beautiful ladies of the Ukraine.

  6. uadreams is a responsible dating service

    I had some negative dating experience on various dating sites. I was disappointed and wanted to give up the idea of meeting someone on the net… but I feel that I need a good woman to be close by me.. and I’m trying to meet her again….

    Several month ago I found on the internet. It seems to be a quite user-friendly website, ladies look awesome, so I decided to try it.

    What I can say by this moment: I had no problems with signing up to the site. I called to their support center to ask them to advise me how to make a payment. A lady replied to me, she was very polite and explained me everything very well, so I paid for chat minutes very easily. They have a really friendly support. I liked it a lot 🙂

    The lady from the support center also said that they don’t try to register too many women, because they check the marital status of each of them and speak to each girl in order to understand, if she is really looking for a serious relationship. I like such kind of approach very much. It means that you will never be scammed! This is the main thing for me, when I try to meet a girl on a dating site.

    See, I am very stubborn and I am ready to spend money to reach my aim and to find a nice girl… but I need to feel safe and not be scammed.. It seems that I like UaDreams… let’s see, if it will pay for itself…

  7. Hey Guys; Did you marry any of the women from this site?

    I recently stumbled across this site and read reviews by some of you guys who said you had visited the Ukraine to meet these ladies and were applying to bring them here. Did you get them here and did you get married? Was she faithful to you and are you still married? Are any of you guys from America. The women are very beautiful on this site but it sure is extremely expensive.

  8. I’ve been absolutely satisfied with
    I want to say, that I’d like to associate myself with them. I have heard from different people who were victims of scammers and thanks to God I’ve never met a scammer girl. Basically, I do not uderstand properly, what do people mean under this term?

    Scammers have always been in our life and acuse uadreams in scam or other sites in scam – is absolutely unacceptable. We all know about difficult situationin Ukarine and I do not think that people want to make problems for themselves. Of course I was careful in payments and every my step was valued, anyway I’m glad that I’m a customer of this on-line dating agency.

    For those who still in doubts,check testimonials. That is all I want to say.

  9. Hi! I read a lot of uadreams reviews, mostly positive. But I have some doubts. I’d like use this service, but how can I be sure that all girls are real? I don’t mind – good service should be paid, but I want to know what should I pay for it… People, pls, share with me your own experience with uadreams, especially with online service. Are uadreams girls scams or not? Is scam company?

  10. This agency is ok!!!
    Have been recently to Ukraine with the help of this agency. I have been in Ivano-Frankovsk,and i dont regret about it!
    The lady i correspondent was the lady i met in real. There where culture differences and people should be aware of this. But dont let it scare you and try to understand the situation in this country. I didnt notice any bad about this agency, and when i had questions during my trip the staff was always there to help. And they try everything to make your trip so good as possible and plan nice activities with you.

  11. The Quality of the Service is far superior to the dozens of other dating sites
    Overall, an exceptional experience and very successful. The Quality of the Service and integrity of the Lady is far superior to the dozens of other dating sites/services I have used over the years.

    The efforts of the translator, Anna is especially noteworthy. My Lady and I are now making plans for our life together. I am very happy and pleased!

    One recommendation:
    Provide Clients with a guidance pamphlet or handout detailing ‘dating and counting protocols’ on advance on their arrival. These customs are much different in the Ukraine than the USA.

  12. Hearing how expensive online datings are confuses me all the time. Why do they have to be cheap?

    I put myself into UaDreams guys place and I realized how it is hard to keep internet services active. So I think users have to be more patient and respect intentions of moderators. UaDreams website works great and is very efficient. Website’s interface is user friendly, photos are of excellent quality, moreover you can ask Lady to send her personal photos and they will make you sure that girl is not a fake. Basically I do not see any differences to look for a girl online or keep looking for a local girl. Trust me, there is no differences, both variants are expensive. I have never met any local girl who did not want to go to dates, it is impossible to start relations without paying any attention to each other. I will keep my search with UaDreams anyway. There are so many single girls and it is a great opportunity for everyone.

    With UaDreams I feel myself safe and I’m having honest relations with some Ladies. I am very glad with my choice, I wish everyone best of luck.

  13. Personally I don’t think that this site differs much from a lot of other scam sites, so I don’t really see the reason to use such sites. I tried this kind of site some years ago, but still alone. Don’t want to waste my time any more.

  14. I really like this site. All the ladies here look like real models. I wonder if there are really all girls so much beautiful in Ukraine, haha! I am committed with one girl here and I hope to see her soon in real life. Going to realize the trip to Ukraine this summer. Hope you will help me!

  15. I want to find wife here and use this site long time already but these crazy prices don’t let me talk a lot to girls. It would be great if prices were 50% lower…. Think of this…

  16. Hello, dear UaDreams! Now when I am married man I would like to say thanks once again. I could not believe that my life will turn into a fairy tale for such a short term. Now every day I almost run home to see her… I met Olga here and was extremely happy when understood that we have mutual interest in each other. Then there were long months of fears and hesitations but I am glad that I did that step and came to Ukraine to see her. I will never regret that once I used services of this agency. Good luck to you, yet lonely guys!

  17. Last-ditch attempt with UaDreams

    I was always skeptical about matchmaking agencies because almost all of them are scammers. Trying to find a wife from Ukraine I’ve been scammed by agencies of this sort more than once. Needless to say I distrusted them as well as Ukrainian women. But some time ago my friend told me about UaDreams and gave me the advice to try this agency. Even though he spoke well of them I thought it was too good to be true. I am far from young so I have less of a shot finding my soul mate.

    I saw how lucky my friend was using UaDreams site and then I thought “hey, when the good lord looks away, then the devil starts to play”! I took this chance and now I communicate with several beautiful, gorgeous, marvelous ladies. I must admit their communication services cost pretty much money but there is an option (unlimited emails) which allow to write ladies as many letters as you want at a cheaper price.

    I am not a spring chicken and every day counts if I want to find my wife as soon as possible. That is why I try to communicate with a number of ladies to increase the chances to become a husband. I am planning summer trip to Ukraine and am willing to meet all the ladies I am corresponding with. Maybe this is my last chance to become happy so I don’t want to lose it. Wish me luck!

  18. They all are scams! Everywhere! I don’t believe in love via Internet. Dating sites as a marketplace are a huge dating business machine for making money.

  19. It is quite possible. Nobody is immune to scammers. There are scammers on dating sites, any forums and in internet-shops. On all sites that have a system of payment for its services. And have you ever imagined how much cheat we meet in our daily living? Nobody write about this. Everybody writes just about dating scams.

  20. I’m happy!Hello everyone, I am 52 years old. My problem is my age and indeed I worry about that as I was married twice and have three children. But I’m divorced now and want to try my luck with foreign woman. As to all websites I’ve been registered before I had age problems as a primary issue. You know, all those beautiful photos and young singles about 20-35 are not subjects of mine. Well, for me, young girl is not mature and smart enough, I have less to speak about with them, they do not see me as a man and do not understand my sense of humor. So my intention to find a good woman about 40 years or more, divorced or without children. And I have seen several ones in UaDreams website so I really hope that people will help me with my wishes. I have money as I earn enough and it does not matter the price is good for me. But I want that will match me seriously. I like smart conversations and I hate freeks and scammers. I do not want someone earn money on me just leaving me nothing and I understand that business needs money to pay for, so I am ready to do that. I like list of offers of UaDreams, good professional stuff and I like age categories to choose.

  21. And what do you want from dating sites? It is evidently that dating websites are business, just as social networks. Nobody will work for nothing. The difference is that the scammers % here is much lower that in any social networks. There are alive people in their support centres, they solve your problems and give you attention.

  22. Circus has gone but reality is here. We know that dating business is a terrible issue to trust. We save our money far from being wasted on this staff. I thought I would have never used any website.. Until I decided to try UaDreams. You will ask why. And I will explain you. Surely I read more and more each day all articles about scam and fraud in UaDreams as much as good reviews about this agency. I can guess that special paid person could post this or that information and have profits. So my decision was simple: I will try by myself. I liked the way website presented their offers, I liked girls and all of them are single, I like good job of the stuff who check profiles and social networks, I like payment policy and consultation. All phone numbers of support are real and assistance is really professional. So I’ve made my conclusion and I will recommend UaDreams to all my single friends!

  23. I have never had any problems with uadreams.
    The site managers quickly answer all my questions, their replies are always helpful and polite. They constantly change their site and do try to make it better. Although, sometimes I get lost if they change something drastically. Think its okay. No one is perfect.
    I corresponded with one girl Katya for six month and we are getting closer and closer every day. I offered her to come to my country or meet somewhere in Europe, so we could both have some great experience, but the agency does not allow it. Katya says, she has never been abroad, so maybe it makes some sense.
    So I will try to make some arrangements and see if I can to come to her native land.

  24. Of course they do it for money, because nobody is going to do a good job just for free.

    I do not know why, but I have recently started to read those reviews over the net. And what can I say, someone wins and someone loses. It was an axiom for many ages and things still go the same way up for today. I consider online dating like a good entertainment, I do not make big plans as to my future wife from Ukraine. All I want is to have a fun talk with a pretty woman. Even though I do not mind to spend a weekend or a holiday with one of them, I do not build any air-castles and do not expect much from online dating.
    Stop demanding a brilliant services, put your pride down and enjoy the ride, just make it easy.
    This is what I want to say, stop being rude and naughty, if you are going to find a mess, you will definitely find it.
    For me is a mountain lake with crystal water, feel free to pour some in your jar and take a sip.

  25. Hey you. I don’t trust any of online agencies even if someone will describe a paradise. Scammers are everywhere so if one man is lucky – another one will kick to the backet. I receive many letters each day and I don’t understand if there is so many single ladies!

  26. It seems to me not so easy to work against scam and I want someone to prove if it’s possible for any foreign agency.. I have my doubts and I wish I could change my mind and stay here.

  27. Actually I don’t believe in websites for dating online, I used to be faced with girls scammers who just work in company and stuff is solidary with them. Every party gets its salary and each vulnerable member of website could be a certain victim. I paid for many letters to one woman to know her better but after a while she gave me a note about her financial situation and probably I am good enough to help. I guess normally if I am about to come to her and meet she will definitely find any reason to avoid meeting, so I predictably refuse registering. However I am always ready to reconsider if anybody can change my mind.

  28. HI
    My name is Paul from the UK it’s interesting to read all your comments about how good the UA dreams web site is and how good there service is and I must admit, you are all right they are excellent I know this as I have being using them since April this year and have recently travelled to the Ukraine to meet the lady that I had spent a lot of time and money on.
    I have yet to come across feedback from someone who has had success on the site and what I mean by that is they have married and the girl and she is living with them in their country the feedback is only about how good the service and site is and that they are planning their second trip etc. etc.
    I would like to share my experience with you all here and I will leave it up to you guys to cast your own opinion but please be patient as this may turn out to be a long letter.
    Before I start I want to point out that I have no issues with UA Dreams and their staff, they have been very helpful and very supportive I also have no issues with the lady I went to meet over there in the short time we corresponded I had already developed feelings towards her.
    I like most guys that use sites such as these was concerned whether these girls were real or not or if it was some kind of scam. Well I can assure you that they are real well the one I was corresponded with was.
    It all started when I was chatting to a Ukrainian girl on a believe or not a Philippine dating site we chatted a few times the English was not good from her but we got by I then receive an email from UA Dreams inviting me to join there site and to continue chatting with the girl which I did join however when I saw their prices for emails, photos and video chat I had second thoughts.
    After about a 6 week break I went back to the site and looked through all the beautiful ladies they have on the site and found myself coming back to the same lady time and time again so I decided what the heck let’s give it a go.
    I started to write to my lady and we had some very good correspondence and found that we had a lot in common and seemed to get on really well and was writing to each other 2 to 3 times a week (expensive I know).
    For whatever reason I decide to do a little research on the site and was concerned about all the negative feedback that was on the internet I wrote to my lady and explained what I had found and I wasn’t sure if she was real or I was just talking to a translator she replied by ensuring me she was real and after a few days went to the agency and made a short video for me explaining she was real and even showing me my pictures that she had stored in her phone. I thought that this was a great gesture on her part to calm my fears so I continued to communicate however the seed of doubt had been sown and continued to niggle away at me but I tried to remain positive.
    After several hints to may lady that I would like to visit her country she eventually decided to invite me over to meet her in person. She explained that this would be her first ever meet.
    The excitement was too much and I could not wait to meet this beautiful lady in person and the plan was I would fly over on a Friday and spend the weekend and then fly home on the Monday.
    The timing on the flight over was not good but I insisted on meeting on the Friday night so the plan was to meet at 10pm to 11pm. All did not go to plan the plane was late leaving London the connecting plan was late leaving Kiev and once I got to my destination the hotel had forgot to send me my pickup all in all I ended up being 40 minutes late for our first meet, not a good impression.
    I was very fortunate to have a taxi driver that could speak a little English I can honestly say if it was not for him and the support and help he gave me I would not have found the agency and definitely would not have walked into the building alone.
    In fact he was very concerned for my safety and waited for me outside the office to ensure I was ok.
    For me the first meet was a disaster although had booked an hour my lady stayed no more than 5 minutes and almost sprinted out the door as if she was late to go somewhere. The translator explain she had a gym appointment at 6am in the morning.
    To say I was far from happy would be an understatement and when the translator asked what’s wrong I explained that I have just spent 14 hours travelling to meet her and we had planned an hour yes I am late but its shows no consideration on her part and I am sure the gym could have been rescheduled for another day but it seems the gym is more important than meeting with me the translator answer by saying well you were late. And by 10.50 we had left the office so overall 14 hours for 10 minutes
    I was a little peed off but tried to be positive as I was meeting her the following day for 5 hours and again on the Sunday for 5 hours again with a translator.
    The following day we picked her up from her place of work and went straight to a restaurant for lunch all was going well until after about 5 minutes or so she took a call I could hear it was a man’s voice the translator gave her a bit of a look and the quickly faced me I made a point of starting a conversation with the translator but as soon as I spoke my girl quickly put her hand over the mouth piece to block the sound of my voice. From that moment on I more or less gave up on any romance with her even though I had fallen for her in a big way. After a meal we went for a walk in the park and during one of our conversations she started to speak English and quite good English at that she suddenly realise this and said, oh I’m speaking English laughed and went back to speaking Russian.
    We continued the date and met the following day again for 5 hours but by this time I had lost any interest in making this anything but a day out with friends.
    We did not discuss any future plans and how we had thought things had gone.
    On my returned I received an email form her stating that I had shown no interest in her and she did not want to continue which I was a little sad about even though I did not think she had any serious intentions towards me but I had put so much time and effort into hoping that this was my future and I was kicking myself in one way in falling at the last hurdle and in another thinking all was not as it seemed at although I has spent a lot of money that I can’t really afford if the relationship continued I would have spent a whole lot more.
    As you can guess my head was a complete mess at this point
    We exchanges half a dozen emails the first 2 from her being very cold and direct and the following letters being very caring and concerning about me and encouraging me to continue my search and not to give up as I was a good and generous man with a huge heart that deserved to be loved and to be happy, her words.
    Over the last 2 weeks since my return I have tried to look for the positives of the whole experience from first letters right up to the now and apart from the opportunity to spend time with possibly the most beautiful girl I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and spending time there isn’t much else.
    I don’t like to think that I was scammed and even now I am not really sure I was all I can say those 2 events knocked be back a little and I never really recovered as they were niggling away at me all through the date. Yes you can say I should have been man enough to say something but I didn’t for the simple reason I didn’t want to ruin anything that might have been there but either way I am still single still looking and still hoping that I will find a loving Ukrainian girl who is willing to spend the rest of her life with me.
    I am not sure at this stage if I will continue to use the site or not but one thing I will tell you guys is that the Ukraine is a beautiful country and the people are so friendly and helpful and the girls are really stunning and I did venture out on the Saturday night there along with another guy in the hotel who was there with the same agency and we had a really good night out and actually found some lovely girls who could speak a little English and joined us for a few drinks in a couple of bars it was a very enjoyable evening with no strings.
    So what I am saying is that you don’t need an expensive agency to meet a lovely girl over there and this insistence of having to use a translator its simple not required if a girl is interested in chatting with you the she will make the effort to do so even if it is just out of interest as to way you have visited her city.
    Sorry for the long winded report and I hope I have explained it reasonable well for you to draw your opinions about this I am sure they will all be different.
    Anyway I wish you all good luck in your search for love and happiness and remember always be safe.

  29. Uadreams truth about them girls get paid for letter and chats and have local guys in Ukraine and Russia.
    Girls show intrest on Uadreams but on social media they refuse to talk to you.

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