Best International Dating Apps of The Year 2020.

Today we would like to announce you the best international apps for dating designated by Digital Trends Staff for 2017.

Even if you think that dating apps usually for those between 21 and 40, today this option simply gains the market and people use their smartphones for downloading apps and make their life more comfortable.

Nowadays dating apps is a quite normal thing. No one is shaming, but looking for a digital way to find a person to date with, to go out, to communicate. However still there is another position: people used to misunderstand the meaning of apps and consider such thing as a massive abuse. So great part of single men and women encourage others to avoid using them. Supposedly such things are self-perpetuating circle but we will try to navigate you in the whole stream of best 2017 dating apps ever.

To our mind they are unique, still interesting, up-to-date, so take your sit and read accurately.


Actually this app is one of the most famous ones in the world nowadays as well as it is usually chosen by progressive youth. It is being programmed as a successful method to couple single people but today his reputation has changed into some kind of a hookup game. Still it is considered to be a shelter for many singles. Its policy is quite severe: the user should have 18 and profile in a Facebook in other cases Tinder will not confirm your application. If confirmed, you receive a 6 images place with 500 characters for your bio, account can be linked to instagram profile and other preferences may help others to find you asap. The main idea: you receive the photo and then swipe right or left to like or to dislike this person. So if both of you made same swipes to each other that means you match each other and you receive a window for further communication. The app is pretty adjustive and popular for usability. In spite of people who accept this app as a game issue others find something more except swiping. But sometimes you can swipe and suddenly put a like to a person you do not like without confirmation, just because of the interface.


This is the second app by its popularity and accessibility among people of various age. Comparing to others apps this does not ask for facebook profile for registration. Besides here you may fill the detailed profile and surely link it to instagram profile. You post a question with variants of answers and choose that person who picks the close to truthful variant, you receive score for this letting others know about your activity. That is how it works and how people match.

If necessary you make this information public. Slide-out menu of OkCupid allows you to change settings and look for matches that interested you. However option “matches” shows you the potential candidates to match with but not those you did with. For many guys menu is a little bit complicated so that they chose quickmatch option for photos mode only. Messaging is allowed as well but firstly you have to achieve the A-list status.

To our mind the main disadvantage of this app as of Tinder as well – you are not able to get acquainted with people closer. Interface is not so comfortable as it seems to be and pictures are really small. But if you upgrade to larger version it is not adjusted to mobile version yet. So these thing can be annoying sometimes. Sure you need to pay for upgrade and see more visitors of your profile. The last thing is that after upgrading anyone would texting you and so do you. Just imagine the quantity of catfishers and bots but still Facebook has a power to block them via regular verification options.

Coffee Meets Bagel.

Next app that takes its advantage of Facebook platform. Right when you activate your profile with preferences and details you will be sent one “bagel” a day, so you have 24 hours to make a decision if you like this “bagel” or dismiss. Choose like or pass. If you liked each other, you will be connected in a private chat for 8 days only. Afterwards it will be closed automatically. Also you are able to earn “beans” for additional activities like recommending the app to friends or buying advanced functions. This sweet by the name app allows to specify your needs and offer more categories for search like religion and etc. By uploading more photos to your profile you will highlight it. However downside is a little pressure by the limited time of chat room, so you have to choice quickly if you want to date or exchange any personal data. The app’s interface is user friendly so you will be pleased by the size of pictures and texting windows.

Strange by its idea Coffee Meet Beans offer to comment each your “pass” by explanation of the reason, all results go to developers for bagels curation. But indeed this is a very small opportunity to find someone seriously via 7 days.


Unlike Tinder this app has some advantages that makes it superior. Uses reliability on Facebook members thus to connect people, including friends and interests. Communication works by Tinder-like interface, you got to respond a question by swiping right or left. Easy and funny indeed. Besides you can make it fast. A question should be 500 characters maximum. Moreover if you have doubts Facebook connection help you, so you may make an investigation of a person you want to know before matching.

Messaging is a separate plus because nobody can text you if not matched yet. You are in safe from unnecessary bots, catfishers and scammers.

But matches are limited so you have to watch your browsing carefully. Again a few chances for building up serious relationship.


This app is for iOS compatible only. For melomaniacs, music fans and people who adore music. If necessary you are able to link it to Facebook profile. You may put questions with limited characters but detailed or you may leave your profile sparse, whatever. All information you post about yourself is musically concentrated so you start with flicking the videos users like and then connect with them, to like or to skip accordingly. A song may be included in a message while communicating. So this is a good opportunity to find someone with sophisticated taste and specific character.

However we came to some drawbacks. You are not able to see everyone you matched with, only those whom texted with. Apparently clip may be played while you reach a person and read a profile, so this can be really annoying. And skipping option can be accidentally what was really surprising in case you do not want to skip. Probably they would think about better interface.

One of the biggest and the most popular app ever. The dad-app of the world online dating have been taken top position for years. Here there is no need to log in via Facebook but to fill in all registration forms: pictures, questions about preferences, composing password and username for your security.

The main idea of Match interaction is sending winks to someone you liked. The system offers you several matches a day, but you need to purchase a subscription (1 month or 6 months). If you choose premium subscription you will be able to have additional features and to know who likes your photos and you comes to your page and got interested. Comparing with Tinder’s interface Match seems little bit complicated. So you need some time to accustom yourself.


Unlike Tinder Bumble has in some way different functions. The app gives a 24 hours connection to people of the opposite gender, for women to message first. If she doesn’t, match disappears. Men can extend this period if he feels he wants this match, so to wait for this woman would be appropriate for him.

Of course Bumble wants you to link your Facebook account to the app for scam, fraud and abuse avoiding.

The design is simple and swiping in this case leads to looking through more photos but not liking. So don’t be focused on thumb up and seeing the face of a person who did it, when open the app, you’ll move one and see further profiles.

Slick user interface was accurately designed for females and males and both sides estimate that. It prohibits offensive materials like porno and others and the system intended to create a cosy friendly place for nice communication.

So if you are a woman and 24 hours is not enough for you to initiate picking up a man, just dismiss.


This app allows to get in touch people who were at one place suddenly but never met. So this is a chance for those who need courage to cross a path with, to share common interests. So here you will be shown the profiles of people you could have seen but not noticed and probably would be interested to meet. GPS of your phone will detect potential match in 250 meters so you may see a profile. And if you tap Heart on their profile a contact function will appear.

It is possible to like someone in a secret manner till the time they are interested in you too.

Charm button is for those who wants to express boldness by letting others know for further match. But it is non-free but for coins you have to purchase. Then you get a match and both of you can message to each other. The blocking option is also available, so you shouldn’t scare of annoying users.


As you see, city dwellers would definitely estimate such vivid dating games, and supposedly they would find a real fun but who knows if those limits would help you to know a person better and to build really strong and stable relationship instead of flirting and playing. Besides no one would give a certain guarantee of safe membership from scammers and fraudsters.

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