Frauds on dating sites.

The most important reason for which men don’t like to use the world dating service is a fear of cunning deception. No one wants its credit card got some scoundrel. Moreover, no one wants to get into a situation when it would be that a letter to you had written not a beautiful girl Svetlana, but a swindler in reality, whose name is (for example) Sergey! These fears to be cruelly deceived heated many media also, vividly describing such cases. They lead story of the ill-fated love with foreign girls solely for the purpose of increasing their circulation and advertising volume.
Be attentive and learn signs of dating scams to avoid the trap
In fact, the risks of fraud on dating sites are greatly exaggerated, and it’s not difficult to define them, avoiding unpleasant consequences. Believe us that the vast majority of all foreign women, picking up a pair of foreign men, are honest and decent ladies, who have the best intentions. They dream about true love or friendship like you. Of course, you can become a victim of swindlers, if you’re too frivolous. A little more common sense, attentive following our advices and your chances of being cheated become VERY small. So, before starting to describe the methods of self-defense, let’s examine in details, how namely all these scammers are doing.

What are the ways of cheating that cheaters use on international dating sites.
A swindler with a fake profile.

The most popular variant of deception is a fake profile on a website. These scammers are looking for victims, creating fake profiles on various dating sites. Communicating with you, they always show strong emotions and sincere affection for you in a very short period of time. Scammers often spend months to build something similar to romantic love. However, after the invasion of your full trust, they begin to ask you (directly or hints) to send them money, any gifts or data from your credit card.
Frauds use different fake personages on the dating sites
To achieve this, they come up with different reasons so that you sincerely believed them. For example, speculators can complain that they really want to communicate with you, but there is cruel financial crisis in their country, but their computer is very old and because of it they can’t communicate with you. Deceiver may complain that he has fallen ill, got into a very serious accident that her is sick mother and so on. In such cases they ask for money, allegedly to pay medical bills. Sometimes you may be contacted by someone, who appears to be the attending doctor.

Fraud, related with visas or tickets.

The most common application had received a way of cheating, associated with visa and travels. In this case, the artist portrays a crazy love with you; she burns with the desire to come to you as quickly as possible, to meet you in reality. And here the scam begins to write that she doesn’t have enough money (earns a little) to pay for the visa and plane ticket for coming to your place. Of course, as you’ve already guessed it, such “a girl” will ask this money from you. If you believe her and immediately express readiness to send money there, she will begin to say the Embassy requires at least 1 thousand dollars to a Bank account, otherwise the visa “will not be given”.
Scams use visa method to get money from your pocket
She can write to you: “If you only can, please, send me the money and I’ll return them to you immediately after arrival. Of course, sending this money, you’ll never see it again; “the girl” will disappear with them also and you will NEVER hear anything from her! The intrigue of the situation is that scammers warm up your feelings very skillfully, their words seem very believable and honest (if you’ve met a professional scammer). Many smart people believed them and were deceived by such swindlers, who shamelessly use by people’s kindness and trust!

What are protection ways against fraud, when online dating.

And now, as we promised, here’re our 8 valuable tips, following which you will surely protect yourself when searching for romantic love in the Internet:

1. Never send money anybody, until you’ll meet in reality!

One of the greatest fraud options is when western men send their money to a girl, familiar only through the Internet. Of course, most women on dating sites are completely true, but there always is a small category of foreign girls, looking not for your love, but for your money. They just dream to lure from western men some amount of money. How can you resist them? Don’t worry – there’s a simple and effective solution of the problem. Never be naive and never send money to a girl beforehand! You shouldn’t send any money until you’ll meet a girl in reality, while you visit her THERE, in her country.
Don't send your money when you meet your woman offline
You should fully check whether you are satisfied with everything, whether she is a real one and that her intentions towards you are real. Even if you visit to that country, do NOT scattered money everywhere on trips to different shops. This approach may seem tempting for you in trying to win a woman’s heart, but by all means try not to fall into this trap. The main thing is not to turn into an Eastern Prince, splurging money; although you, as a man, must pay the costs of dates, as is customary in her country.

2. Never expose hastily any personal information!

Never give your personal information until you meet a woman personally and while you’ll get certain credibility to her. Although to share details of your life with a beautiful girl looks tempting and romantic. Simply you think thus you’ll achieve her sincere love, however a scam counting namely on this! Be very careful if your new girlfriend starts to be interested in your e-mail address, what Bank you are using or wants to find out your credit card data. We’re sure you would be amazed by the skill of such men-scams (in fact, many “girls” are men in reality, posing as girls) and their phenomenal ability to learn from their gullible “clients” secret information.

3. Fake profiles.

Use olive communication services to be sure in reality of a womenPay special attention to the profile of the girl, on her photo and name. Of course, all women want to look on photos beautiful; but beware women, dressed too provocative and sexy, causing shock in people. Beware also in cases, when a girl has a name with explicit sexual overtones. Most often they aren’t real clients of dating services. The fact is that many scammers place in their profiles photos of other real people, taken from Facebook or vary model sites.

No, don’t get lost. There’re technologies, helping to determine, whether a beautiful Russian girl, with whom you’ve communicated on a dating site, uses some Russian model’s photo. You can avail of the service Google Image Search and pour photo of your alleged fiancée there. There you’ll clearly see if this photo is somewhere else in the Network. Additionally, you can use the website, though Google gives you more results.

4. Use Skype and other video chats.

When a swindler is using a fake photo in the profile, she has lost all chances to deceive if you’ll insist on seeing on Skype or other video chat. If the girl starts to cheat and use any excuses, trying in any way to avoid contacting on Skype (for example, she cannot at all find an Internet cafe with a webcam) – immediately stop communicating with her and don’t waste time. By doing so, you’ll avoid financial losses in the future.

5. Use only legal dating agencies.

Scammers most often appear on free resources. It’s established, that about half of the women on these sites are under all kinds swindlers’ control. Pay top international agencies make a great amount of work, identifying scams and fully remove their profiles. Serious marriage agencies know very well that deceived customers by their complaints will quickly destroy their business. Just the top agencies have very large economic incentives to identify scams; they’re interested so that you weren’t deceived and are making every effort to avoid that. This is why, when using a fully legitimate agencies, you’re unlikely to get to the fraudster and his fake profile.
Dating video chat is the best way for meeting with real girls

Additional notes regarding online scams.

On different international forums and many chats you can often meet men with complains about the fact that they’ve been deceived on a dating site. Of course, many of them have legitimate grounds for complaints; but also many of them, using such date agency, simply didn’t read what was written in “small print”. As we’ve said, the level of service at different agencies is very different and this is the main reason why few of the men think that they were deceived. But they just didn’t pay attention to what they were offered!

Some legitimate sites have incorrect policy, letting their customers know how much in the end will their communicating with beautiful girls on their web-resource cost. Because of this, when the amount of money begins to exceed limits, declared on this site, men start to panic. However, such sites can be legitimate, all the profiles be very real; many found a pair there and live happily. Simply the sites of such kind need to change their clients’ communication policy, carefully explaining all costs to them. Please, be very careful with any agency; control all the information and your expenses.

6. More often browse the swindlers Internet bases.

There are some scammers that troll dating sites. They are women in reality and use genuine photos on their profiles. This makes it hard to identify them; compared with those crooks that have fully fake profiles. Many large dating agencies quickly closed because of they’d received many complaints from men. So, if you prefer a free website, then you’d better closely monitor everything by yourself. You’re lucky because of some sites have already posted both photos and details, applying to several hundreds of the most known scammers on dating sites. When suspecting that you communicate with a deceiver, visit these sites and check if such frauds’ pictures are in their data bases.
Be careful on dating sites, cheats can get your money without delay

7. Only realism is your weapon in the fight against speculators.

You must clearly understand what meanwhile when you’re deceived by a real girl and meanwhile when your heart is broken. Note, that even if there’ll be very favorable circumstances, all the same such relationships don’t always turn into true love. Agree that if a girl decides that you don’t come, then it’s a completely different thing, than an offensive deception. The fact is that many men, who were not lucky in finding on dating sites true love, believe that they’ve been deceived. The truth is that both a girl and the agency used to act entirely in good faith and no one tried to cheat. On this occasion is the old proverb “No one can buy love”, because the heart feelings are impossible to control; we never know, how namely it occurs sincere affection between people.

8. Always use common sense.

The best tool in the fight with Internet scammers is your own brain. Use it at full power! If you see that girl begins to ask you about strange things, for example, to send her a sum of money or to send her information from your credit card – immediately cease to communicate with her and find another girl! Be especially vigilant, if you are 70 years old and hot 25-year-old beauty in bikini is writing you that she was suddenly conceived for you unearthly passion after you talked with her a couple of times. Indeed, speculators today become a huge problem, and yet this doesn’t mean that you should spend the rest of your life quite alone, avoiding the society of beautiful women and online communication. Having enough common sense you greatly reduce the danger of being deceived, and you’ll be able to find the one and only amazing woman of your dream.

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If you need to worry about the Green card scams.

Western men are united by the interest relating to the so-called “Green card“. Of course, there are some young women, searching for some solution to leave their country, and yet it’s rather an exception. All foreign women, equally with western ladies, mostly love their family and home. Many of these women are strongly tied to the places, where they were born and raised, to the members of their family. To leave native home forever practically is a very difficult decision; on such sacrifices they usually go for the big love, like western women. Actually, getting the Green card still offers to a person some protection. The most part of developed countries doesn’t give such possibility of receiving this card for women.

For this she needs to get married, then she has the full right to live in this country. If a woman is getting married in a foreign country, then obtaining the Green card usually takes 6-9 months. Such turnaround time gives you the time, which is quite enough to determine, whether this is the right decision and this marriage you really need. For USA residents there’s a special K-1 visa, at which the groom may enter the country, using by a fiancée visa. In this case the K-1 visa is valid for 90 days during which the marriage must necessarily take place.

This time you should use in order to know even closer the woman, you want to marry on. It’s important to remember, if you’ve the feeling that there’s something wrong with your marriage, don’t be afraid to finish it now, in order not to suffer then. Visa K-1 for the bride specially given to you for your protection, so make sure again whether your decision about marriage is right. If a girl is able to hide her true identity for a few days, it’ll be extremely difficult for her to maintain this illusion during all the 3 months. In the world there are many beautiful single women, so don’t jump into the abyss with your head. If you feel that your relationship will not bring you lots of joy and satisfaction – try again or just keep looking.


  1. I couldn’t dare think about registering on… Hi there. Id like to tell you that being confused with lots of scam cases I couldnt dare think about registering on
    And I was completely lost with information about taking money out from customers and all that staff. A friend of mine gave me the advice to try uadreams agency and I got an idea to register as the membership is free. So immediately Ive got some letters form girls this was strange haha and I asked about that in a letter which was free)) Girls replied that they are single and saw my profile in recent profiles, well and interested in me. Then I tried paid services though they are expensive for me I like the professional point in that. I am completely satisfied with translation and video chat arranging as I like to talk much, translators do their job quickly. My girl Anna is from Poltava and Im planning to visit her this summer. I hope manages will assist me properly. Cause my friend used to travel around Ukraine many times and told me about uadreams guys who helped him with doing that.

  2. My first battle with fraudsters were right in my mailbox, I got a letter from “bank representative” requiring my card personal data for upgrading the defensive system of my account. Indeed I was more than sure that someone would call me at least but I couldn’t even think that I’ll get a mail. So that confused me a lot. And I replied immediately with a claim to phone me directly and to speak about this new system and I was refusing to give any data previously before confirming. They began to convince me that it’s a new service of mailing that usually takes a few hours. Afterwards I started to force them to contact me directly, though I called the numbers indicated in their letter but all numbers were wrong. Thereafter they disappeared as I took their time.

  3. I just wanted to give her my skype name but agency cleared up it from my message. Ok. Now I see why it’s happening. However I thought they wanted me use their service forever and never give me a chance to contact her directly.

  4. All stupid romantic fellows would be forever victims for scammers and as long as there are such people over there on sites scammers would exist and earn money). And their business would be stronger each day. Just be careful, my small love lovers)

  5. I never mentioned pulling the strings but sometimes our life’s too boring to sit and wait what will happen after 6 months. Thus there is only one thing – risk or eat shit and die. I used to try several dating sites and I confess that I speak with many women simultaneously, thus I can analyze whole behavior of a women as I can now distinguish the main features of a lie. Thank’s to video chat of course.

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