The Question of Age.

Many websites give the recommendation to look for women who are maximum 5-6 years younger than you. Otherwise your chances of success will be doubtful.
But what about me and my experience?

Couples with small age difference are more successful than couples with big difference in age

I dated several women and all of them were younger.

I met seven women from dating website and they were from 5 to 15 years younger than me. There was also a girl, Anastasia by name. As far as I remember, the age difference was 20 years. Nothing happened between us. I guess I was old in her opinion. My wife, if you are interested, is younger by 11 years.

I also talked or exchanged messages with other girls who were 10-20 years younger.

Don’t come to the conclusion that young girls are my craze. It is not the case. I paid attention to women of approximately my age as well and chatted with them. Though they were beautiful, soon I gave up the idea. You see, single women over forty have a character which I personally wouldn’t accept. First of all, I mean they are already independent, like doing things the way they do them and wouldn’t change this way.

I used to date a Frenchwoman who was a little younger than me. I appreciated the fact that she possessed her own character, but I noticed that my lady was not going to become different for a man, at least a little. In my opinion a relationship can’t exist without a compromise.

Another reason, and it is very important, is that they tend not to trust men in contrast to younger women who haven’t had that many unpleasant experiences like men’s cheating them or abandoning. But we want to be trusted.

What types of older men do they accept?

As far as I can judge from my experience, even a 15 year difference does not matter much for a Russian woman, if:

  • you look like a man who takes care of himself (shaves, is well groomed, etc.)
  • you are muscular or just in decent shape (if not, eat healthy food and exercise regularly)
  • drinking is not your vice (no beer every day!)
  • you don’t smoke, at least heavily
  • you don’t cover your bald with a toupee

Women like older men with life experience

Why do Russian brides prefer older men?

The reasons are many:

  • a mature man is experienced
  • he knows how to form a relationship and would do everything to keep his young woman
  • a mature man is more faithful
  • a mature man has established his career and is well-off, maybe rich
  • a mature man is respected and respectful
  • he is manly

There also some explanations from a psychological point of view.

Older men have lots advantages for young ladies

Some of the girls I dated or chatted had lost their fathers when they were children. In other cases the fathers were alive but showed little tenderness. There was only one case when the father was nice and tender.

One major risk when you have a young wife is that she may leave you when you reach the age of 70. I’m ready to take it. A young woman is the best stimulus for a man to stay in shape.

What is their attitude to money?

There is a popular belief older men attract young women only due to their money.

Well, I am an average guy and I never said I was rich. My car was bought 8 years old. I have been wearing a pair of shoes for 6 years. And I can say money is not that important. Of course, with loads of money you find it much easier to get a trophy wife.

There were women who asked me about my earnings. Only two of those women (a gorgeous model and a successful lawyer) stopped chatting to me. OK, they think they deserve more.

How to look for younger women.

Most profiles on Uadreams.con website display a preferable age difference. Mostly it is from 10 to 15. If you don’t fit the girl’s requirements, write a message and try to find out what she thinks about it. They usually reply.

Never pretend you are younger. Just have a good photo of yourself. Use applications, if necessary. It’s not deceiving. When a woman uses make-up, it is not considered to be deceiving either.

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