Magic tips for successful exploring

Before meeting a woman you, as a man, should know some tips on successful communication. Guidance, presented here, provides you with accurate information about what does likes most of women and what do they hate. If you do the things they like, then you’ll get acquainted with some beautiful girl very easily. So here’re our magic tips for successful exploring a beautiful lady:

Our magic tips.

1. Always try to look smart and educated man. Remember that dressing correctly, you’ll be able to meet a nice girl relatively easy, not even being a written handsome. Always wear clean clothes, clean your shoes to shine and provide your hair with good care.
Clean clothes and shoes, charming smile and not to be boring — an easy way to make an impression on alady
2. Try not to boast about your achievements or money, this is the main mistake of men’s majority. Simply a real woman doesn’t want to feel herself corny bought for money. If you have good money, use them with benefit, inviting your lady at an expensive restaurant for dinner.

3. Always follow cheerful disposition not to be boring for woman, because they don’t like when they are surrounded with boring men which is not anything to talk about with. Start the conversation with discussion of her interests, talk a little about them, and then you’ll find an interesting topic together.

4. Behave you thus that she trusted you; always keep your promises and the word – women like men reliable, on which they can rely.

5. Be brave, because women like adventures very much! This is why you need to take them with you on different games, in the cinema or to the concerts where are the well-known singers are singing live.

6. Find out exactly what makes her feel better. To do this, ask her what namely does she like and what she dislikes. Then start to do for her that what brings her happiness and other positive emotions.

7. Remember you should never say to the girl about relations with other women: many men, when they don’t have subjects, begin to talk about others. Better say nothing of it! Much better is taking her to play any game than to start a conversation about other girls, because if they hear that, women no longer will feel safe.

8. Stop during the first meeting and dating to think about intimate relationships. When you just meet a woman, never think about having sex with her; otherwise she’ll feel such interest from you for sure, that often forces women to become angry.

Shyness is usually characterizing modest people, but sometimes it can become a real problem.

This property of nature can very impede to person his communicating with the opposite sex; even the most ordinary conversation with a girl becomes a real challenge. Of course, oppression of women (in different measure) has most guys. This behavior is quite natural, if the woman truly attracts you. Bad things happen then, when your shyness becomes your rock, when it gets too large.

Yet, even if you have a shy kind of nature, you just need to be a confident person, if you want to meet any interesting and beautiful girl. The fact is that most women usually understand your feelings and they’ll want to hear your words themselves. Note that many women have had unpleasant events of communication with some too “bold men”, who almost always are arrogant. That’s why shy people need to mentally encourage themselves to communicate with women, because the more you’ll talk with them, the stronger will your friendship become, and (possibly!) sincere love with your lady.

The best way to get rid of shyness is to meet people gradually; just so you accurately determine for youself how to behave with women and any fear that something will go wrong, gradually leave you. Remember that in the presence of courageous men women become simply happy, because they feel and know that you’re confident and do love them strongly.

We also have the additional advice on how to meet people, suffering from excessive shyness. It’s in the preliminary planning of your meeting place. It’s very important for you always to choose quiet and cozy places for your meetings. Of course, if the choice depends only on you. Such an approach will significantly ease your tension and give you more confidence. At the initial stage it’s important for you to avoid noisy places at meetings.

Additionally, when planning a date, never plan your speech, because it’ll be a big mistake for overly shy people. Such people believe that planning is a better solution in this case. However, what will you do when you forget your speech? But this happens quite often, when shyness. It may happen that the environment or other circumstances won’t allow you to say what you’ve planned. In this case, a shy person usually loses the gift of speech and your date will fail; your girl will see that you behave like a child.

The main mistakes that people make when dating.

Don't check your mobile account, don't talk about business affairs with the girl during the romantic dating
1. Dull appearance: the first big mistake is that you do not rely on what fashionable t-shirt and stylish jeans will help you to ensure a charming atmosphere for easy communication. The consequences of this error will be that wearing this outfit, you’ll be in the illusion of your own attractiveness and cease to care about the success of your meeting. When you appear, your carelessness will definitely be in your girl’s eyes, that wouldn’t become the best start, believe us.

2. Errors associated with your phone: a big mistake is to do the checking of your mobile phone account during the meeting, to send any SMS or (worst of all) to take any calls. The consequence of this error will be, certainly, offense. Of course, calls may be allowed if you want to call, for example, emergency help. But even in this case you should inform your girl in the beginning of your date to avoid any offenses.

And yet urgent call, associated with the work, should not interrupt on the first two visits; simply apologize and the girl will understand. The best way out for such a situation can be turning the phone off before your date. Do not put the phone in silent mode, do not put on vibration; just turn it off. Tell her that you turned off the phone and completely concentrate on your meeting, continuing to gain score in the eyes of your woman.

3. Monologic speech: this is a very common mistake when men begin talking with a girl about business affairs, new customers or the last speech prepared for the business meeting. If she’s not bored at the end of your monologue, then it’s just a miracle and you’re a really interesting man for her. Yet the most frequent result of this bug is that your fiancée will be terribly boring. Her eyes will gradually disappear light and interest. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, moderate your natural desire to impress her, telling a lot of details from your life.

Optimally will be sharing time of fellowship with her in proportion 60/40, and most of the time should tell you. Psychologists are strongly recommended to make long comments brief on the date. It’s better to do so: tell the girl five or six sentences, then tell the joke and then ask her a question, which interests you. Note that you should not ask checking questions, because she can understand this and she’ll be afraid.

4. Past relationships factor: this error is associated with old man’s girl-friends. There are guys who think that talking to their girlfriend about past relationships with other girls makes them more “manly”. Maybe, the guy is younger than the girl, and he wants to look in her eyes as a “Superman”. In any case, this is a very bad move, which will not bring you any success. The consequence of this error will be a loss of interest to a man by a woman. Moreover, after such a conversation she can interrupt your relations at all because of too much emotional experience.

This is why the conversation about past girlfriends is not a perfect way to demonstrate your attractive qualities. Your task on a date is to keep the conversation in a positive way. If you really liked the woman that you want to develop deep relationships with her, avoid any stories about your past romantic adventures. Remember that no woman likes to feel competition with your past women. In addition, talking about your past girlfriends, you show her your tastes not with the best hand.

5. Problems, arising after the date: another big mistake is sticking of etiquette taken from old movies. However, today it’s already the 21st century, so leave old-fashioned customs and behave yourself more freely, according to the current views. We mean that you shouldn’t wait too long to tell her you’ve had a wonderful time and that she is a very interesting woman. The earlier you’ll tell her about it, the better. If you really enjoyed how you’ve conducted this meeting, send the girl SMS or call her in the same evening, but not a few days later. If you’ll send a message about this tomorrow, your chances for success get much worse.

So, if you want to be successful on the first date and wish to deepen your relationship, please, follow these tips. They’ll help you to implement it successfully.

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