DDoS crime gang in Ukraine is dismantled

The criminal mob of blackmailers DDoS, which was threatening to several significant companies around the world, neutralized by nomocracy authorities of Ukraine with the support of well-known security firms, primarily Group-IB.

Another example of successful cooperation between law and order bodies and safeguard firms in their anti-cybercrime campaign is the situation when the legal authorities of Ukraine, supported by Group-IB and other security companies, stopped the criminal DDoS gang (formed as it appeared by two Ukrainians) which was initiating distributed denial of service (DDoS) with malicious purposes towards different companies during two-year period or more .

The bureau of investigations in the international guard firm Group-IB, specializing in developing products to protect against cyber attacks and data protection, helped to disarm the illegal activities of aforenamed grouping that used DDoS attacks to blackmail and squeeze money for a long period. This notice was recently placed by the IB Group.

It is necessary to say, that the investigation began in September 2015, after the rogues inflicted a DdoS strike on the international online dating service, demanding a redemption of 10,000 US dollars for stopping the hacker attack. The site of the company was cracked in a matter of hours.

According to the press service of Group-IB, victims of subsequent attacks became online stores, payment systems, as well as sites offering bookmaking services, lotteries and other gaming platforms.

Among the aggrieved from Ukrainian scammers were the American company Stafford Associates, dealing with the processing of data and hosting centers, and the network service PayOnline. The appetites of blackmailers ranged from 1,000 to 10,000 dollars.

fight against scammers on dating sites and DDoS blackmailers
Cybersecurity professionals of the IB Group localized and linked the case with another attack engineered by two citizens of Ukraine, Gauk Grishkian and Inna Yatsenko. According to investigators, the criminal twain had previously sent threats to the American leasing company Stafford Associated and the PayOnline payment service.

Two violators addressed to the online dating agency once again to demand another ransom and threaten with new DDoS attacks.

According to the statement of the Group-IB, in March 2017, searches for apartments and offices of hackers were conducted, and their computers and mobile phones were confiscated. As legal expertise showed that the data placed on the excepted devices made Yatsenko and Grishkian involvement in cases of extortion in 2015 and 2016 irrefutably evident.

Now the court has recognized two suspects in DDoS attacks guilty of the above crimes and sentenced them to a five-year suspended term.

Director of the international dating agency, also affected by hackers, spoke in support of the results of virtual extortionists prosecution. He called this case a blow, inflicted to the cybercrime in Ukraine. And he mentioned, that their cooperation with security services, is a guarantee of functioning of the service in the near future. He also stressed the crucial importance of this process for international partnerships and described the end of the case as the vivid example of the reliability and hard work of his employees in the struggle against web criminals.

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