A REPORT FOR YOUR ATTENTION: Farsighted Ukrainian online dating industry

Once I asked myself how many dollars I have spent but that was probably an outstanding sum.

The truth is that Ukraine is a place famous for being a birthplace for the most beautiful women in the world. And still in spite of military conflict on the Eastern part of the territory and low economic changes today Ukrainian online romance is the top of popularity.

Referring to the events of two years, last years had less constraining factors than at the beginning of all that. More men from abroad did not cancelled their trip to Odessa but even to plan more visits for meeting their beloved.

Marriage agency directors supposed that due to military tensions less men would be interested to visit country of Ukraine, however still even such a hard situation did not influence the influx dating sites members and tourists.

What is the central line of dating advertisement in Ukraine: a real picture of a happy couple, he is from the Western part of Europe, adult and noble but with some seedy features in his look and she is young and beautiful but with sad and hard past projects.

Frequently women take this chance as a magic happy ending of all their suffering: suddenly prince comes to her place and takes her away from pain and poverty to his rich golden place. However they cannot be realistic, they tend to close eyes to what foreign men indeed offer to them and as a result to be a scam victim.

This is a story of a Ukrainian girl Svitlana who agreed to tell her story about online relationship with foreign man. She started to communicate with a soldier from the United States of America, they kept their correspondence for some months and lately Svitlana invited him to visit her. Thereafter she received a message from the US military (she was convinced it was) requiring the airfare to Ukraine. And for sure there were offering to pay for the ticket during four days.

However the number of male scam victims in Ukraine is much larger. Scammers ingeniously lure men from the US and Western Europe to come to meet Ukrainian women.

Let us mention that online dating websites offer free membership for females but not for males. And most of all men gives up with paying hundreds of dollars for chatting or texting but never seeing his other half in real life.

One man from Norway complains that he used to try many of such websites and he emphasizes that about 95% of dating agencies are scammers with fake female profiles. Their girls want gifts and flowers or any expensive surprises. You can end up with this, you can buy an apartment for yourself instead of playing that games.

As a rule all scammers used the same strategies and schemes that never let them down and offer a winner position. But today many experienced and reputable dating agencies implemented modern systems for defense by monitoring and detecting scammers.

They fight with the huge amount of unsatisfied men who go back to their homes with nothing, feeling lonely and counting the wallet balance. Still the number of those foreigners who do arrive for building up relationships with their beloved in Ukraine is not too big.

For an example of the real marriage agency, we collected many real user stories. Whether these stories can be called a cheating or a fraud case, you can decide for yourself


  1. informative and bright post, you know. But I thought it would be longer. But what can I say.. I didn’t see any scam names of websites. Yep, sites are held in US or UK and servers are not situated in Ukraine. The fronts are the local ones or in Cyprus area. Ladies do not earn money, the owners do. Dating agencies offer women to sign up, but thereafter they sell their profiles to the mail-order bride sites. The chain is fed by each purchased gift, flower or package. As to the woman – she is abused as well as man is..
    And if the registration is free for men, you can just hang around and see but nothing to do without paying a dollar…I hope next time we’ll have real issue to be discussed properly with investigation the cases in full big interesting article.

      1. I am more than agree, men got scammed by agencies, by translators and by restaurants and shops. And during the meeting each girl will have her own interpreter to pay for, to have romantic date to pay for, to get more flowers and expensive menu in phony restaurant. And if you are in doubt or think about sum of money – they insist: nothing to worry about, this is love! Five stars hotel restaurant with menu and gorgeous wine. Or some gifts for relatives. There is no limit for scammers to express their strategy. And what is interesting that according to the law of US immigration issues, IMBRA (International Marriage Brokers Regulatory Act) in particular personal information has to be withheld by such agencies like anastasia, Jum4love and etc.

        Obviously men are made to use texting or chatting for money to contact ladies and then to request personal info. So each letter is for $5 and at least you need to send more than 10 letters to each letter. After that something interesting is happening: girl rejects the letter about personal contact or seems uninterested and disoriented or whatever.

          1. That’s right! This is a kind of compelling people to use services on the site more and more. The great part of payment goes to the site owner and some money goes to girl to keep her interested in this affair. after that they cancel the IMBRA form.

        1. LOL! they are lucky to invite their husbands or relatives or some friends as interpreters. Everyone wants to eat for free) This is russian scam, you know. All of them need a salary to be paid.

          1. Well I mentioned Ukraine actually, Odessa, Dnipro, Kyiv, Kherson. That reminded me one story about my trip to Odessa that I cancelled just because of my girl who wanted me to pay $200 to a driver for taxi service for her to come to Kerson and to turn back. Funny? Since I was worrying about this driver to be her husband or somebody and all of them to disappear after the date. Oh, almost forget, the date was planned as a dinner at one veeery expensive restaurant!
            Today famous dating agencies work like 20 years ago, I mean for example like Great Expectations: you come to them, they give you a movie to watch like what a marvelous company they are and how lonely you are and how many single beautiful women they have and all that shit. And after that they give a hint for you about the money you have – all that simple, you give money, they give a love to you. Nothing special. But they love those rich foreign men who are sensitive enough to wear their heart upon their sleeves when the rely on the destiny of stars crossing.
            Modern era gave a push to every dating business corner to scam every customer and for every single opportunity. Big names of business corporation scam their employers. And the internet allowed million of gimmicks to scam people and to get their money off. I can almost transform capitalism into scamitalism haha!

  2. Stop, gentlemen and ladies (of course I know they are her among us). But what we should think of poor men who do really want to find their beloved one, their other half? They are desperate just because of unstoppable grab of deceivers and swindlers who scam men and prevent others to be happy.. If a man take his decision to register this is his right for Caveat Emptor, no one is forcing someone to do that. Life gives a flow to someone and then he tries to flow out the baby with the water. Like banning here in the news I read. Non-productive.

  3. May be no one cares but my first wife I met was from Russia, the second one – from Ukraine. That was long time ago and I was lucky to find them on international dating agencies before IMBRA could prohibit giving personal contact. And you can buy such info for some dollars. Of course there is no reason for European people to think about IMBRA rules but years have passed and scamming strategies became more complicated, you should think about that deeply. Sure I blame all those women who just have fun and all except building up stable relationship and thinking about a child birth or creating a family. Supposedly there are lots of men with the same intentions. Both parties can enjoy if they meet.

    1. This is life and you are always welcome to accept as what it is. Online romance is like kicking the basket. A cat in a bag. You may find someone and be lucky with this person the whole life or you just suffer with your empty wallet and heart that hurts much because of deceiving. Scammers do their best to develop and to spread their activity about earning money so you can expect this in each sphere.
      Such manipulations is a way of life, like always been, to survive.

  4. Just stay away from ukrainian dating sites, there is no use of them. You can watch perfect women pictures for free in the internet if you want, but if you wish to communicate, come by your own and try. If you are afraid – stay at home and find someone in your place.

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