Group Pictures Are Not Recommended For Dating Profile

Group pictures are the worst choice for dating profile.

If you decided to register on dating website, you certainly need to pay a special attention on a choice of photo for your profile. If you plan to use some group photo which you made with friend, it is a very bad idea.

The first reason is that it is hard to understand who the owner of the profile is. The person who is looking through the profile with group photo may be misled. Secondly, it shows that the profile’s owner is not very polite and respective to those ones, who may look at the profile. Modern dating websites check what photos members upload. It is really good when a person posts his or her photos without any distractive people or objects, because the first impression we get when we look at the primary photo in the profile. Take care of the first impression you can make!

OK. You scroll all profiles down, see the profile of a trio of young ladies and you understand that one of them is definitely sexy. But is she a profile owner?

Don't hide yourself

The way our brain works: we choose the person we like and we think that we are corresponding with him or her. This is natural for people, this is the way God made us. Let’s imagine an example. Several men seem to be brothers with their dog skiing somewhere in the mountain.
Ok, the woman has found the profile, how to identify who she is talking to?

Another example. The man is with a woman and she is his sister. How to find out this?

Believe selfies are better on dating profiles. Even Snapchat filters are not so bad compared with this photo, even if the background is awful and you see any provocative object.

You will do everything right if you choose a great picture for your profile.

Let’s see what people think about group photos on dating websites.
“Indeed I am not sure if I want to continue ‘cause I really feel that I am about to be interested in the wrong person. I think I like this man, but these profiles are not his haha) Alice.”

“Being too picky I don’t like when someone cheats me, it’s like showing that you are OK but you are NOT. And you show yourself going out with friends and you are just like have nothing common with loneliness on this dating site and you are here accidentally. Kind of abuse you know. Ann”
Obviously, all of us have friends and sometimes we demonstrate that we are sociable and happy to be such a companion. So even if people do not have friends they post pictures with friends to show that they really do have them.

Anyway, you are looking for only one special man, aren’t you?

Main cons of a group photo:

  • To find out who you are writing to.
  • What does he look like?
  • Who are those people?

We noticed that most men prefer adding photos with friends or family on dating sites. And they suppose that helped them look fancy and popular.
Add information and photos to the profile, otherwise, you will get potential matches off. Of course, friends play a great role in our life but in case you wish to build your own life, take the chance to advertise yourself only. This is YOU and your personality, don’t make a mess with the destiny and lifestyle of others.
If you post pictures with someone hugging the opposite sex keep in mind this will be considered negatively. Women as well as men can be jealous of such images.
Besides women always make a precise estimation of dresses, shoes, and makeup of other women they see on pictures of a man they are interested in. They compare, analyze, and find a connection if a man’s interest.

You have less time to get people interested in you, that’s why it is important to make your profile vivid, interesting, extraordinary, unique, and pleasant. This is your invitation card.

Now let’s find the reason for men to add photos where they are with friends.

Let us assume that young girls like to take pictures of themselves almost every day and they keep doing this regularly that is why they like more “selfies” than “groupies”. Party is about how they estimate their look and image, so they usually ask friends to take a photo.

The next thing is about body shape and posing, as a rule, women are convinced in their best image look, so they have more information in their profiles. Men instead can post some simple pictures of themselves, they choose photos with friends as they have only these ones.

Women prefer to look at profiles with photos of neat and well-dressed men. This is the way for men to show their intentions. This is the idea. Show your life and your personality.

Psychologists say that your photos should show you, your life and give the woman a clear understanding of your life, your preferences, and hobbies.
But if you intend to find a good match, show yourself, try to advertise as much as you can.

And your case if you look different, just show this by the picture of yourself only, one or two but by really good quality shots.

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