Best ways to end a bad date and be a man

Throughout the ages of human history, mistakes in choosing a sweetheart or a bad date were frequent troubles in the search for love. There were whole treatises teaching singles love etiquette and ways to adequately retreat if a lady is not the subject of your dreams. Love is timeless and advanced technologies cannot guarantee an instant success and perfect coincidence in just the couple. However, the following article will arm you in several ways how to get out of an unpleasant situation without losing your face.

Tips how to end a bad date and stay a man

Have you ever been on a date, from which you’d like to quickly escape? Perhaps you, as a modern person, decided to post your profile on a dating site or install flirty mobile apps, and you met a charming and witty (by messages and pics) girl who agreed to meet in real life.

You already dreamed of love at first sight, the first kiss, and… Your imaginary princess comes and you realize that it’s time to escape. There can be a lot of reasons. The conversation, the way she looks like or behaves.

What to do? You are dreaming about getting home ASAP. It is a question of questions in truth. Therefore, the experts of the dating site UaDreams offer you some useful tips on how to stop a bad date without losing time and dignity. So, here they are.

Chat more before you date.

Think beforehand and try to get better acquainted with the lady you like. Dating sites such as UaDreams offer their members ample opportunities not only for mailing but for a video chat. You have the opportunity to chat online more and get to know each other better. There will be a right moment for the date offline. It is better to wait a bit and know each other better.

Plan a short preliminary meeting.

If possible, invite your online girlfriend to meet somewhere for a coffee or a snack at a cafeteria at lunchtime. This friendly meeting does not commit you to anything and at the same time helps you to understand whether you both should spend time developing further relations. If you don’t like something, you won’t have to go into explanations offensive to the girl, you can simply refer to a lot of work to do and leave.

Have a little more patience.

Your first impression is important, however, it may be changed in the future. This is the first date for both of you so both of you have emotions and feel a little bit strange. Perhaps your “bad first date” can turn into something more pleasant over time. If nothing has improved, then read on.

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Be a gentleman.

You understand that your only one is waiting for you in the future. This is the first and the last date at the same time. You will still behave like a gentleman and honestly and gently explain to your date that you hardly have a common future. You may say something like: “You are a pretty girl, but I think we are too different” or “Thank you for taking the time for us, but you see, we don’t fit together”. Try to find the most correct and polite wording so as not to offend a woman if possible.

Control call from a friend.

If you are going on a first date with a stranger and do not know how everything goes, agree with a friend about a phone call at this very time. If all is well, then it will be just a call. But if your counterpart does not respond to obvious hints that it’s time for you to leave or is not responding adequately, then you can retreat with dignity by referring to this call. Maybe this is not very honest, but it can save both your nerves and you.

This is not the end of the world and you will have the best date ever. That means that you will meet your special one in the future. And remember, even though the date is bad, the lady may be a good one. Stay gentleman with both good and unsuccessful development of the situation. Never give up, because girls and luck love positive and strong-minded guys.

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