Previously I was telling you a lot about my personal online dating love story about going to Ukraine . So that I hope that my experience is to be considered as valuable, and may be you believe that this blog is worth reading. What is more, I’d like to share here some interesting links I found.

Richt now I may give you some guides to find the necessary additional information. Guys with who used to put down their memories are here:

However, I discovered some interesting points by myself. Here is a UaDreams channel with testimonials:

You may look it through, there so much videos with opinions, feedbacks and suggestions. Probably you have doubts – to come to Ukraine or not – here you can find some help. And, what is more, such truthful emotions of sincere people would inspire you as well. Be sure, each concern is to be discussed with the UaDreams team: background check of the lady, besides they give full assistance according to your trip to Ukraine, including arranging of interpreter, the best accommodation, transportation, etc. and the meeting itself.

The other day I found an interesting site, called Here you can read general tips to recognize the Russian or Ukrainian scam, how to make acquaintance, how to build stable relationship, how to become happy with online dating service. I was truly impressed by the Antiscam policy – just go ahead and read about!

Oh, almost forgot. A good help if you are a victim of dating fraud: Be on guard and protect yourself. Find below a form “An example of a dating fraud letter and some tips from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)” – this is a request you may forward in order to investigate your issue properly.

I know that my help is not an emergency service, but I can give you a direction what to do next.