A Marriage with a Ukrainian Woman.

We can sincerely congratulate those lucky men who have found themselves Ukrainian wives. Sure, they are the prettiest wives among the wives of their acquaintances. These women are really gorgeous. Their beauty comes from within. There are some beautiful women in western countries (though the percentage of such women is not high if compared to Slavic countries) but their beauty is somewhat cold, in the sense that they are aware of their attractiveness and they aim at using it to their advantage.

Very kind, patien and lovely girls fo family
As practically every girl in Ukraine is so much attractive, beauty isn’t regarded as something special or out of the common. They are very kind, patient and warm. The most typical feature of their character is probably patience. In most countries of the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine, life is hard. It is ridiculous, but it’s really difficult to find a suitable job, even for possessors of a university degree, to say nothing of those who don’t have it.

So, for many generations people have been trying to get a university education by all means, especially as higher education in those countries is more or less affordable, what we can’t say about western countries. No wonder the majority of people obtain a university degree.

However, even having a university degree under your belt doesn’t secure you a decent living. From early childhood girls are taught to be economical and how to do different things by themselves: cooking, making canned goods, sewing and so on. Luxury hasn’t spoilt them.

If you dream of a feminine woman to feel yourself a strong man, you will find a lot of such women in Ukraine. A Ukrainian woman won’t let a single chance to see her in a bad condition. She uses every possibility to look pretty. The prettier, the better. Beauty is their quest.

What can a man expect if he is married to such a woman?

Firstly, a delicious dinner. Secondly, you will come home from work, and your gorgeous wife will meet you and display interest in your affairs. Be sure, she will be listening to you very attentively, not just thinking about other things, ready to offer you advice or help if you need any. It is characteristic of Ukrainian women.

Then, and it is very important, you can figure on their devotion. Ukrainians do get divorced sometimes; still, divorces are highly disapproved. People pay much attention to establishing and maintaining strong family ties. In case of a divorce it is a woman who is usually blamed for not being skillful enough and not keeping her man satisfied.
ukrainian housewives and house maintenence
Now you can understand why Ukrainian women do their best to save family ties. They are more obliging than western women and they will accept much more things, in contrast to western women. Cheating on their part is out of the question. They are quite satisfied with the second role in the family and know how to make their man feel important and cared about.

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