Common online dating scams in 2019.

Nowadays, when technology enters all spheres of human life and the total lack of time for arranging personal life leads us into the world of online communication, few of us have not tried online dating at least once. And this is a really good way for a busy modern person to meet someone or find his/her soul mate.

With the rapid growth in the popularity of online dating, the activity of various kinds of scammers has increased. And they strive at all costs to get their benefit on the gullible singles looking for a couple on the Internet. They can be found on forums, on different dating websites and platforms of the global web…

But wherever you come across them (on dating sites, in social networks, on various applications) they all have one common feature. Of course, there are a lot of trustworthy people online. However, you need to contact the support team if any strange situation happens. Here are some of the main signs by means of which, according to experts, you can recognize online dating scammer and not become a victim of deception.

“Please, send me money for medications!”

Fraudsters of this type are found mainly on dating sites or romantic apps. Usually, there is a standard dating and chatting (occasionally in the video chat). But almost from the first hours she frantically flirts and practically admits to “love at first sight”. In short, she instantly “likes you very much”. She immediately begins to hint that it would be nice to start contacting via private on Facebook, via e-mail and the like. Will you meet? There will be something and she will have to go abroad or something like that.

You wish to be a gentleman and help your lady when she needs it. That’s great and you are doing right when you know your woman well enough and have met in real life and have relationships. You may hear a lot of stories on the net and some of them are true. Remember it’s better to help your girlfriend, wife or bride who you know well and build relationships with.

Theft of financial information using bots.

Scammers in the field of online dating often use a bot. This program posts profiles to contact real members of a dating site or users of an application, creates a series of messages, and sends them to real people on the site.

Usually, the bot is easy to detect and disarm if you’re careful. This is perhaps the easiest type of online dating scams. In all cases of such inconsistencies – instantly report to the technical support of the dating site. They will check everything and they will be able to solve the problem fast and without delay.

Spammers and dating on fake sites.

This is the same as bots but everything is done by a real person. You join the website that the lady suggested to you. The spam website can offer a “promotional” service or a subscription with a discount, offering to pay with a credit card. Guess what will be next? Yes, they have your credit card information now and they will do what they want. Online dating may be safe when you know the red flags and when you have information about behavior and what may happen. Being a member of a paid dating platform you have an additional guarantee that the website provides security for the members and all the users are checked and verified.

Fake dating profiles.

Among the beautiful young ladies (judging by the photo of their profiles) ready to meet a man 10-15 years older for love relationships or marriage may well be dating spammers of this type. If a gullible adult gentleman bought into the attractive appearance of a “profile owner” on a dating site and wrote to her intending to get to know her closer, then scammer would most likely flatter and play along with him so that the “fish” would get hooked.

The only difference is what goals this “young beauty” has. To read the profile information of your lady, check her photo in the search is a great idea. In case of any inconsistencies and suspicious moments, stop contacts and contact the site support service to check the authenticity of the girl’s profile.

How can you report in UaDreams?

All over the world, dating sites are the most common place to find your soul mate. But there may be a good fly in the ointment. Being a relative old-timer in the dating market, the dating site UaDreams has always pursued a strict anti-scam policy.

Skilled programmers constantly monitor the activity of spammers and bots, the technical support service carefully verifies all the profiles of Ukrainian girls hosted with us. So, by becoming our members and placing your profile with us, you are safe. However, in any case, dating online, all information will be protected when using a trusted dating website. By following these simple tips you’ll never become a victim of deception.

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