Common online dating scams in 2019.

Nowadays, when technology enters all spheres of human life and the total lack of time for arranging personal life leads us into the world of online communication, few of us have not tried online dating at least once. And this is a really good way for a busy modern person to meet someone or find his/her soul mate.

With the rapid growth in the popularity of online dating, the activity of various kinds of scammers has increased. And they strive at all costs to get their benefit on the gullible singles looking for a couple on the Internet. What sorts of bizarre forms, directions and locations of online dating scams can’t be found in the vast of global web…

But wherever you come across them (on dating sites, in social networks, on various applications) they all have one common feature – they want to lure you money or personal information (in order to get your money later). Of course, it is not necessary to suspect a dirty trick in any online relationship. But if you have a suspicion that scammers want to cash in on you financially, stop contact immediately and report it (to the support service of a dating site or a social network). Here are some of the main signs by means of which, according to experts, you can recognize online dating scammer and not become a victim of deception.

“Please, send me money for medications!”

Fraudsters of this type are found mainly on dating sites or romantic apps. Usually there is a standard dating and chatting (occasionally in the video chat). But almost from the first hours she frantically flirts and practically admits to “love at first sight”. In short, she instantly “likes you very much”. She immediately begins to hint that it would be nice to start contacting via private on Facebook, via e-mail and the like. And of course, in a very short time, she suggests to date live, but at the last minute all is canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances” (a sudden trip abroad, a serious illness of the mother / child).

In life, anything happens and you tend to believe, but the second and subsequent dates are scheduled and, over time, are also canceled. Your “unlucky girlfriend” begins to accompany stories of her problems with requests to send money for medications to her mother / child.

Don’t send money! The main warning sign may be that events develop very fast, as the scammer must have time to quickly establish contact and leave the dating site before he / she’s been tracked and banned. And the second characteristic feature is the constant sudden cancellation of dating live. If you notice anything like this be careful!

Theft of financial information using bots.

Scammers in the field of online dating often use a bot – program that posts fake profiles to contact real members of a dating site or users of an application, creates a series of fake messages and sends them to real people on the site. From the very first minutes of a chat with a bot, its profile tries to direct you to a certain website located outside the dating site or application. The fraudulent site will either try to get your credit card details, or try to install a Trojan virus on your laptop or gadget in order to collect your personal information.

Usually the bot is easy to detect and disarm if you’re careful. This is perhaps the easiest type of online dating scams. The best way to determine a person or a bot sends you messages is to ask a couple of non-standard questions. If the answers of the “interlocutor” don’t correspond to what you wrote, then most likely this is a bot. Photos of bot profile are usually poor in quality with poor resolution. You can look for these pictures in Google search engine and immediately find out if they are who they claim to be. In all cases of such inconsistencies – instantly report to the technical support of the dating site.

Spammers and dating on fake sites.

Deceivers of this type “work” on a dating site (or application) like a bot, with the only difference that this fake profile is posted by a real person and not by a program. As well as the bot, this person contacting you will try to impose any paid services on the “accompanying” (necessarily external) website. The spam website can offer an “promotional” service or a subscription with a discount, offering to pay with a credit card. Do not fall for the bait! Otherwise, your financial information will be mined by adventurous scammers and your credit card may be hacked. As soon as something like that is noticed, inform the site staff about the attempts to “drag” you to the spam location.

Fake dating profiles.

Among the beautiful young ladies (judging by the photo of their profiles) ready to meet a man 10-15 years older for love relationships or marriage may well be dating spammers of this type. If a gullible adult gentleman bought into the attractive appearance of a “profile owner” on a dating site and wrote to her with a view to getting to know her closer, then scammer would most likely flatter and play along with him so that the “fish” would get hooked. The tactics of such cheaters are almost standard.

The only difference is what goals this “young beauty” has ( theft of your financial information, lure of money or expensive gifts). In any case, such a turn will not please you. To avoid this kind of scams, carefully read the profile information of your lady, check her photo in Google search engine. In case of any inconsistencies and suspicious moments, stop contacts and contact the site support service to check the authenticity of the girl’s profile.

How can you report scam in UaDreams.

All over the world, dating sites are the most common place to find your soul mate. But there may be a good fly in the ointment. There is always a bunch of various scammers ready to spoil your personal life. Being a relative old-timer in the dating market, the dating site UaDreams has always pursued a strict anti-scam policy.

Skilled programmers constantly monitor the activity of spammers and bots, the technical support service carefully verifies all the profiles of Ukrainian girls hosted with us. So, by becoming our members and placing your profile with us, you risk practically nothing. But, in any case, dating online, be careful and try not to distribute your money and information right and left. By following these simple tips you’ll never become a victim of deception.

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