Stories from real life, tell about successful (or not) Internet dating.

Kate and Bob Jefferson; Birmingham, Alabama.

Kate, a middle-aged divorced woman, 47 years old, waited for the future with melancholy, foreseeing a time when her children will leave her and she won’t need by them anymore. She was frightened by inevitable loneliness, as a result of all her life… As Kate told herself, once on the Internet she’d found a dating site, couples on which are selected accordingly to their detailed survey about clients’ identity. This dating service became her back exit in the case of loneliness. The woman took 6 months of communication with other clients of the agency, when she finally met Bob. His profile touched her by Bob’s spirituality that meant a lot to Kate.

Other clients of dating service interested her too; but after meeting with them in reality she’d been disappointed, and all these people retreated into the background. After that she’d met Bob (to meet with whom she agreed after 2 months of correspondence and few hours of telephone conversations). And yet the reality a little frightened her, since her first discovery was the fact that Bob was a real person, not just someone by correspondence. This discovery shocked her and, being in panic, she stopped and put their relationship on the brake. And yet Kate and Bob were married in September 2011! Though, it took six months of their dates.

What you should learn: communicating on a dating site, moderate your expectations; the fact is that to find the right person you’ll need some time. Even in highly developed service of acquaintances, where the matchmaking process is at a high level, you’ll need to correspond and meet with many people, before you find the same ONE.

Sasha and Rob Hanson; Chicago, Illinois.

Sasha had always been skeptical about online dating. She was already 36 years old and parents repeatedly asked her to try seeking her destiny on a dating site. Sasha thought that he doesn’t believe and isn’t going to find true love there; after all, she had married before and she grew 12-year-old daughter. Rob, whom she’d met in one of the dating agencies, was an inveterate bachelor. He was 44 years old and was a regular on the site for more than 1 year. The dating service brought them together according to their questionnaires; they used to correspond for a few weeks, first rare. Then Sasha became so absorbed Rob that they began to correspond regularly, at least once a day. This continued for a couple of months. As Rob told, when they met in the real world, he felt as if he knew her already very long and well – so lively correspondence they had.

Finally, they’ve met first. Their first date lasted for 9 hours. Sasha laughed when she told how serious both of them were at the meeting. They’d discussed everything – from history and religion to science and death. Their second real meeting was much friendlier; having chat a while, they went for carting. As Rob later recalled, their main impression was full absorption by each other, the surrounding people just stopped existing for them. Sasha said that everything around seemed to be a happy dream and she thought that they would wake up soon. It was difficult for her to understand that she’d really met such a kind, intelligent and cheerful person like Rob. She was simply delighted and what is more Rob has never failed her. No wonder they both felt happy and married in a year and a half. At the moment they are waiting for the first joint child.

What you should learn: drop your skepticism. You may think that an ideal person is unreal to find. However, it’s not so! Today Sasha and Rob recommend you to try the reliable dating services. As Sasha said: “Online acquaintance is fine, but don’t be too careless on your date!”.

Margaret and Charles Winston; Atlanta, Georgia.

Margaret, a young woman of 35, had been registered on a dating site since 2007 (just for fun). As she told, her friend was also registered there and he was alone too. So she thought that could keep him company. Then she thought that it was a kind of some entertainment, like hiking to a bar, just as another way of communication with people. But on the website she met (after 4 months) a person whose profile seemed perfect to her. He was artistic, smart enough; he’d managed to build a good career in related areas (Margaret is a designer). In addition, he had very similar to her likings and surprisingly similar dislikes. But how great was the Margaret’s disappointment when after a short correspondence he seemed to be a very unpleasant type! Charles compiled a list of his requirements and sent it in a letter, asking about the first meeting.

Margaret thought that after all it’s the Internet and everyone seems crazy in it. After that she received another letter from Charles. This time he was so eloquent, just sweet and nice guy! They firstly met in a bookstore. Margaret remembered that he was standing close to her favorite book (something about interior design). He invited her for a lunch at a nice restaurant, which Margaret liked very much. Next, after 3 months the couple was already on their way to Atlanta. They had the first meeting with the Charles’ family there. In August 2008 they visited the city hall to marry for the first time in their life. Today the couple grows two children – a son, and a daughter.

What you should learn: if you want to try meeting someone on the Internet – do not delay, do it for sure. As Margaret said, today we all live online, so just this way of finding your destiny can be quite natural and happy. Online acquaintance is an additional and very important way due to which everyone can choose from a variety of options.

Women’s stories about unfortunate dates.

1. “The story about a good guy”: he was a professional photographer from New-York. He said he found in me “the woman he’d been looking for” and that I was “his finding”. We often used to write each other and eventually after lots of letters and phone conversations I was invited to “a fantastic dinner and a wonderful night”. Of course, I was very excited and began experiences about hairstyles, clothing and nails. I didn’t even think particularly that actually his height and weight were not such as he described. Moreover, they differed for the worse. Our meeting happened right on the open area of the shopping centre, where a bunch of excellent restaurants were. My first thought was: “not bad”. However, he suddenly took me to a cheap pub! Of course, I came down from heaven to earth…

When he simply didn’t wait for a free table and immediately sat me down at the bar, I was upset. And then I thought: “This is just another guy on call”. The evening was spoiled; all the more he ordered drinks for me too, paying no attention to my resistance (just I don’t like vodka). My dream about “a fantastic dinner” completely evaporated. We discussed sport with him; then he started to blame me for the fact that he’d to drink alone and put out three drinks in front of me. After we left the bar he asked me to go to his place for “watching the interesting telecast”. And IT was all his “fantastic evening”? I passed him without hesitation, he promised to call me tomorrow to invite for lunch. Of course, neither tomorrow nor ever I did see him again. Honestly speaking, I breathed a sigh of relief.

2. The history from Phoenix: he wrote in the profile that he was 42 years old; he’s an athletic build and a very busy person. We talked with him by e-mail for a week, and then spoke on the phone. The meeting was planned in a local cafe. When I was sitting at a table and waiting for him, I saw an old man who hardly coped with his walker. My thought was: “How sorry for him, he barely able to move”. Only imagine my horror; this old man was the one, who invited me to this date! He stumbled at the door of the cafe, smiled to me and shouted to all there: ”There’s my girl!”. My only salvation was the fact that people thought I was his daughter.

As it turned out afterwards, the photo in his profile had been since the eighties! And quite recently they replaced him both hips! I immediately said him that I may not be on a date, because he’d completely distorted the information about himself. After that, wishing him good luck, I simply went from there. Then he wrote me again, called me “a superficial bitch” and that it would be better if he didn’t see me at all. I recognized his right to his own opinion; I didn’t get angry and fully let him go. And recently, I met good and very sincere person. I hope this story will finally be happy.

3. “Is that really a booger???” It’s a very funny and instructive story. The woman told about her date with a guy whom she met on the Internet. He invited her to a nice restaurant and they decided to order light snacks. The guy ordered a bowl of soup for her; he looked very appetizing. However, the unexpected happened. She suddenly noticed the bulge out of his nose, which was very similar to be a booger. The girl got speechless and couldn’t say a word!

She was very confused and upset. She hoped that IT somehow finally dropped out from there. And IT happened right at the moment of their conversation! The booger fell right into his plate of soup! The girl was shocked he didn’t notice even that booger dropped there. He ate all soup without reserve. Completely! They had never communicated and seen with him anymore. According to the girl’s words, she still couldn’t recover for a long time after this funny shock.

Well, here’s our advice for you: never give up, looking for a life partner. You must succeed surely, if not this time, then the next!

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