Fraud Stories.

Scam Story #1.

I thought I was lucky when I found a good looking 31-year-old Russian woman on We communicated for three months and exchanged a lot of love letters via email. She had an account on yahoo-email but later changed to alluding to some problems with her yahoo-email. Then she rejected email contact and suggested communicating through ICQ. Though on RussianCupid I was known under the name of Urhgf, I told her my real name. The girl sent me a lot of her photos (about 50) and wrote that she got a teacher’s degree in Russian Literature. As teachers in Russia belong to the category of low-paid workers, she allegedly worked in Perm at Zara’s. On weekends she usually went to see her mother who lived in the country. As there was no internet access in that place, there was a break in our communication which lasted three days. When time came to arrange out meeting, she contacted me on ICQ and said (as usual in Russian, so I had all her messages translated every time) that she couldn’t pay for her travel expenses to Germany as she had only 195 Euros and expected me to provide the rest of the money. As she had already taken a holiday she needed it urgently. I told her I didn’t have the necessary amount of money. She became furious and even insulted me. I had no doubt that she was not going to visit me in Germany. Her aim was to get hold of the money. Sure, she never came in touch with me again. My emails came back to me.

Cheat Story #2.

Elena wrote to me and explained that she had seen my profile on one of the dating sites. As we both were looking for one and the same thing, that is love, she dared to contact me without permission. She hoped I wouldn’t be against getting to know each other better. In her first message she said what she did for her living but I didn’t quite understand whether she was a dentist or just an assistant. I tried to find out what exactly she did, and did it several times, but every time she ignored my question. She told me about her childhood, about her best friend and a little about her brother. We exchanged emails every day, which lasted for more than three months. At the beginning of our acquaintance I asked her not to address her requests of money to me as I was not going to send any. You see, I had read a lot of stories on and tried to be prudent. She assured that she didn’t intend to do anything of the kind. In case she wanted to see me in person, she would pay for all the necessary things herself as she could afford it. Two weeks passed or may be even less, and she started declaring her love towards me. I just ignored her confessions of love, so she gave up talking about love and just stated how close we were becoming. Some time passed and she suggested that we should meet. I agreed and gave her all the necessary information ‒ my name, phone number and address. Then Elena used one of the stories I had read on She wrote that the money she had wasn’t enough to pay for the ticket. She sounded very disappointed in herself. She was very reluctant to ask for my help, but finally she did this. The sum she needed was $700. I didn’t send the money. Instead I wrote a letter and told her that if she really wanted to see me, she wouldn’t make excuses. Many thanks to people who share their experiences.

Fraud Story #3.

Here is my scam story. Three months ago a Kazakhstan girl contacted me ( Unfortunately, I had never heard about scam before, so I accepted this acquaintance. Soon she fell in love with me (in a month or so), and there followed that classic story about visa and tickets. When I sent 300 pounds for the visa, she asked for 700 Euros more to pay for the ticket. I found out that the ticket cost 350 Euros and realized I was a victim. Of course, I didn’t send more money and haven’t heard of her any more.

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