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by Sean Baker on UaDreams
In spite of the minuses, it's worth it

I’ve been a member of this agency for more than a year and I have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of thoughts to share with other men. I can write about online dating in general and about different websites and agencies. I managed to find relationships on UaDreams but I was lucky, I suppose. I met a serious woman of my age who was looking for the man and who wanted to get married in the nearest future. There are a lot of women on the website but I realized that I am not looking for the lady in her thirties. I am 53 years old and I am looking for the lady around my age, maybe 5-7 years younger. So I got acquainted with a lawyer. She was a busy woman so she didn’t have time to meet anyone in real life. I asked her several times why she chose this particular agency and why not the free websites. She said, she had tried free ones and there were too many married men who played games. I believe her, she has no need to lie. So we met on the website and spent much time there. At first we wrote the letters and there were a lot of them. After that we met in chat. Actually, that is not a chat as we get used to. It is a video chat but with the option only to write what you want to say. So stupid I think, really for me it was the worst thing because I wanted to look at the lady’s eyes and to hear her voice but instead I had to type and to look at the keyboard. Video chat is better than nothing, of course, but I think that the agency should change the policy and to make it more convenient for people. All other services provided by the Agency were good enough and I liked. But, of course, I got positive result and I am happy to meet a kind and serious lady. In spite of the minuses, this agency works well helping people to get acquainted with.

by Sven Mayer on UaDreams

I don’t like that the ladies communicate with a lot of men on the website, it seems to be the way of life 4 them. As all other men I spend pretty much for the credits, I buy and I write to the lady and she talks to a lot of men, not only with me. I am choosing and I understand that she is in search 2 but what a hell, why does she need 20 letters to realize that I am 2 old or 2 fat or to something else? Why to spend my money and time just for nothing? Check my profile and look at the pictures and U’ll see me, U will know my age and it will be enough to understand if u would like to try to build the relationships together. I do hope the ladies will read this or the agency will and will explain their women.

by Alan Fitzpatrick on UaDreams
I will try the next time .. may be

What a fuck, friends, I have joined this website and spent a lot of money for talking to the lady and guess what happened next? Do you think that she didn’t want to talk with me? Oh, no. She wrote me hundreds of letters, she was so nice, kind and open. She looked forward to all my letters and she answered very fast, then we used a video chat just to see each other and to spend some time together because I wanted to see her eyes and smile in real life. We decided to meet and she didn’t refuse, by the way a lot of ladies refuse to meet in real life, just try to ask them about the real meeting. They will tell you about sick cats, parents or busy everyday life, she will find 100 hundred reasons not to meet. But my woman was ready to meet and was eager to see me. Ok, I flew to Ukraine, we met in Kiev and she didn’t like me. Yes, she told me that I don’t look like on the photos and she doesn’t want to date with me. We spent only one evening having dinner together and then she wrote me that she had gone back home. I spent other 3 days alone in Kiev, I supposed to spend this time together but I was left alone. I had nothing to do, just walked and thought, I didn’t have plan B and I didn’t plan to meet anyone else. I flew thousands fucking miles just for having one dinner together. Why the hell she did this! The next time I will come to Russia or to Ukraine and I will meet to several girls.

by Simon Morel on UaDreams

Larry, are you still thinking? Everything is obvious and there is nothing to discuss.

by Larry Berger on UaDreams
How can I trust?

Hi, I wonder if the girls get money for being online all the time? I have read a lot about online dating and scams online so right now I think that they are liars. I mean the ladies and the agencies. All of them. Every person, who is in online dating, is involved in scam. I think so because there are so many ladies online, they answer me and all of them invite me to the video chat, why are they doing this? Are they bored at home? Do they have nothing to do? Why? What is their aim? Or maybe that’s their work? It seems to be the truth. They write me and many other men at the same time, they spend time in the video chat and they are always ready to talk. I have read that the ladies get money from the agencies and this is their job. They write, talk and look nice just to make more money. More men they write and talk, more money they get, or not? I wish to meet a serious and kind woman from Russia or Ukraine but I am still in search and I don’t know how to be safe and to protect myself from all those scams online.

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