Russian dating scam: how to disclose?

Very often we see some scam forums with the same question to post frequently – how to detect main features of scam activity? Is there any specific recipe? One of the useless way is to sit and wait until receive special request from your interlocutor for some money to help. But the point is you do not waste your time and run to this moment exactly. Moreover you start getting any special feelings to this person (oh, no!), positive of course. Maybe you will reconsider your attitude and change your mind – the issue is on dangerous position as your time is your arms.

So right now we would like you to read carefully some advices how to uncover signs that scam artist can give themselves away.

Russian dating scam is not so ridiculous as Nigerian or Malaysian one however it became transpired with its harmful activity.

Indeed first of all you can verify the IP address. One source mainly is responsible for occurrence great part of scam in Russia: Mari El. As a matter of fact one can meet scam in Kazan and if you meet Kazan as a place of origin, be sure these guys are from Mari El. If you’ve heard something about Lugansk and Donetsk, we do not mean war actions but scam, be sure these territories are famous for scam as well. How is it possible?, you may ask. The answer is simple: those people use too professional photos of models that looks like a big discrepancy with the whole profile information. Ekaterinburg was known a few years ago by some scam cases as well.

Indeed the truth is very simple and bold: very often you can consider your girl as a scammer just when you see her perfect photo.

Case 1.

If you see such phrases as “I sweet simple girl”, “I lonely girl”, “I cheerful lady” and etc, – you may notice, grammar mistakes by the same sample is rather suspicious than a subject to regret. More examples: “I 20 years old”, “me of 18” ,”I of 24 years”. You have to be sure that all these staff is a complete scam. If you notice the same insignificant mistakes but the word phases are from one construction – do not neglect to pay attention. There is no need to figure out why do they do that. Probably they are lack of a good profile translator or may be someone else is sitting and pasting hundreds of such profiles each day making typical specific mistakes.

This is a big difference when you make mistakes in your own native language and of course people use foreign language for dating online like English or German but if you see day after day the worked-out cliches, you may quote to this article with reminiscent sentences about.

Referring to our topic of Russian scam detecting it is interesting to mention that those scammers are not so smart as a rule as you may think. Supposedly their hard economic level push them be in constant poverty state and start hanging with fraudsters.

People who receive fraud and scam experience are really good at it.Probably the least thing they do good. So as mentioned above, there is no need to check any personal data or IP address, just get off it right now.

If you wish to have any proof, you may Google some profile phrases with the mistakes and you’ll get pictures from scam database. Besides you will notice that these girls are from Kazan mostly in spite they indicate the US.

Not to be innocent scam artist used to copy some information from profiles of reputable websites, in this case be attentive: you may see a mix of some rude mistakes from the very beginning and very good professional English. At least this must strike a warning note for you to meet a scam profile among thousand of others.

We can give you the case in the point:

“I should say honestly that I am not a person of shy character and my exact vision of future – to fight for it and to catch my luck of finding my only beloved. Being sincere I underline that I have many aims that help me to live vivid and bright life, full of exciting emotions, full of good people – as I adore to get acquainted and to communicate. My home is a crowdy place with friends and relatives hanging around. I cannot stand colourless life without any adventure and I hate people who do not support each other in luck and in fail. I’m unpredictable and sociable, I like surprises to get and to make. I respect family values and truly want to have children raised like I was raised: in love and happiness.”

Can you collate two different ways of telling about yourself? The first one is about a person briefly and then full description with no mistakes but written by the same person with really bad English (not native language)? What do you think about it all? Is there anything wrong with the translator?

Mari El gives another example of scam letter:

“I am a woman f your dreams, be sure. I am here just because to find you. Moreover I bet you understand that we match each other because I am strong, happy, young, kind and mature woman. I do like to look about the house as cozy place is the first thing to live in and to keep the home fire. I could be the greatest support for you and if you need my attention – you’ll get it with my sincerest point of ready to listen to you any time. However I am fond of talking as well, so you will never be bored with me of course. I like friends and you should know that I’ll accept friends of by beloved, his friends are my friends as well. I know definitely with my many years experience that both of us should work on our relationships, that is why I’m sure we’ll get our luck to be together, because you are the man I waited. You are honest, sincere, reliable and responsible, you enjoy life in all colours and who is ready for a family, – this is what I want too.”

Still having doubts about this? Communicate or not communicate? Run, Forest, run! ©

Case 2.

Paste the abstract from a letter to the browser line and search for the similar results. If you see many of them but with other particular data – you got a complete smart scam sample with changing names..

Case 3.

If you see something like “Russian men are bad”, “Russians drink a lot” and etc. – this is typical Russian people’s perception of many foreign people used from some cheap movies with the same heroes and stereotypes, mainly wrong. But still it works. You can read many stories about drinking problems with husband and fast divorce due to this reason.
Indeed drunkard is a problem of any society of different countries and the reason is deeply in layer a person is from. But why is there any need to paste this in the profile?
We can speak about United States arms, with Eastern Europe drugs and pills, Ukrainian and Russian vodka or any alcohol, whatever. This does not give any estimation to the whole nation, we can speak about each person in particular.

“Drinking too much” is common problem even in United States but not every person indicates about “all” as a cumulative supplement in the profile.
We distinguish such an example to be a scam, if you read about all Russian men to be drunkards.

Case 4.

Check the location of user. And pay attention to the description. If you meet someone from Cheboksary, Kazan, Kirov or Yoshkar Ola – this is the right sign you got someone from scam circle. This is ridiculous – if you verify the quantity of all profiles going deeply from Mari El, you’ll understand that it hundreds times more than in Moscow dating websites. It seems like lonely hearts are from Kazan mostly but in other cities all is OK. And it seems like the whole Russia is Kirov only, or Cheboksary. What is the population of Moscow city? And what is the population of Kirov? Do you need another proof that this is a scam?

Let’s go back to the location. This is strange if you see the United Kingdom or the USA indication, Russian websites do not let to register from Russia. So that scammers are desperate to indicate any other place. How to check this out? You can look around the website guide and see the general registration form: if you see Russian in the “country” field – this means the this country is allowed to match as a location place. Additional value – free contacts. Anyway you may ask administrator about terms and conditions. Very small amount of the websites that do not allow to register from Russia. Not good case to keep users in safe.

Remember one thing: a good Russian girl won’t register somewhere where it is prohibited. In other case she would search for the site where it is allowed. But scam artists would seep even on those closed places. So if you see that your Russian girl you communicate with is from United Kingdom or United States of America – be ready to get sweet scam proposition.

Case 5.

Bulk mail-out. Only scammers would spend lots of hours and give mailing to all new users recently joined the website. They do not care age, name and place of origin, they just do their job and send and resend 20 or 40 letters a day. How would you verify your interlocutor to mass-mail? Check the date when she was registered and how many times her profile has been viewed. Isn’t is very strange if your lady is fresh joined but she has hundreds of views? Almost the same way like other girls but they have been registered several years ago. What is the reason of such popularity? Mass-mailing.

We have tried to understand whether the marriage agency UaDreams is scam or not, follow the link and read more details

Case 6.

This is the most important rule you must remember: the IP you get to know your friend is from is easy to detect. If still you do not know how to do that – there are lots of guides in the Internet with the immediate analysis of email address header. For example if you use gmail, it’s easy to find it in your letter. Just open the letter in full, and in the right upper corner you will see the arrow to left (reply option), press the box near this arrow and choose “Open original” – here there is all the information about your letter, you can copy all of it at paste into any analytic base. In several seconds you’ll see the address below the program window.

Moreover, with knowing this information you’ll manage to put right settings to defend your mailbox from spam. So taking into account that Mari El sends hundreds of letters each day to their members, you may easily see if you get fresh letter even from another website but the same server place.

If you try to check the letter you received recently from a lady, you have to get the information about the country or the city she is from but never mix mail service with provider. Russian famous mail extensions are:, yahoo,, rambler among others. If your girls says she is from Kiev or Moscow, you’ll get the city where her internet provider is (country at least). But in case it is un-co-ordinated get away from it!

Well known fact is using proxy servers for hiding addresses. Anyway you must verify the location and the IP every time. If they do not match – you are about to be scammed easily.

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