Russian girls and World Cup 2018

During the World Cup 2018 several hundreds of thousands football fans from all over the world have arrived to Russia for supporting of their national football teams. Such an event provoked a lot of discussions on behavior of Russian girls that were interested in dating with foreign football fans. Majority of local Russian population declared that relationships with foreigners could break moral norms.

Such a discussion shows that in Russia dominates ideas of patriarchate and predominance of interest of men instead of gender equality and women’s right in all spheres of life, including the choice of partner for dating.

A 32 years-old columnist Platon Besedin wrote an article in popular Russian newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” that dedicated to a shaming of Russian women and their behavior with foreigners. An author said that such a tendency was in every host city for World Cup 2018 of Russia. Young women behave improperly with foreign guests. – thinks Mr Besedin. He mentioned that it’s not about all Russian women, but percentage of immoral model of women’s behavior is too high.

Mr Besedin claims that such situation was developed after promoting images of beautiful Russian woman as a sexual object by the Russian media. It’s a fault of TV that image of young woman is an image of party animal without any life goals. Media from abroad copy that trend and there are a lot of “articles and videos on the availability of ‘Russian Natashas’” – said Besedin.

Hot Russian girl at the World Championship Russian girls and football fans at the World Championship Russian girl and football fans of Brazil

Ms Snezhana Gribatskaya, an author of popular magazine “Cosmopolitan” from Russia, was deeply offended by such a point of view about accessibility of Russian women that was widely spread through the media. She posted a petition in the Internet resource and more than 6500 women signed it. The author of petition demands an official apologies from the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. She also applied to the police and ask to open an criminal case against the newspaper for the crime of incitement of hatred and hostility to women.

Ms Gribatskaya published an article in Cosmo’s website, with a strong criticism of Mr Besedin’s ideas that a Russian woman is a whore or an under-developed native. According to Mr. Besedin’s article, a woman isn’t a human being with own mind and critical way of thinking.

A lot of Russian angry woman signed this petition and declared that they want a respect from Russian society for their choice of man for dating. As example, Yulia Skulkina mentioned that every woman could have a choice for having sex with anybody she wants. That lady said that a lot of foreigners behaved like real men, they smiled and flirted in a good way, and that’s the reason of their popularity through Russian women.

Discussion was continued in media. Another newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published useful tips for woman how to pick up a foreigner by usage of feminine clothes like dresses and skirts. An article contains advices not to dress in vulgar way, but not to use cloisters’ clothes.

Professional matchmaker Nadezhda Sotnikova wrote an article that Russian woman need to know about typical character’s features of Englishmen, as example, they could offer to share the bill after a date.

So, it’s a bad idea to blame Russian women for their desire to be open for new friends and perhaps life partners from foreign countries during World Cup 2018.
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