Some Issues about scams on Uadreams agency

Ukrainian Scams Link In Men From Abroad For Uadreams.

Today I checked my archive and found about twenty letters and messages about recent experience they had and about scam issues and almost all of them about tricks in web letters. I mean from dating websites.

“I am surprised with the names mess in letters from my Uadreams lady named Ira. She sent me letters with the signature “Yours Irinka” but yesterday I got a letter from her – but still I am doubt that this letter is of hers – with the signature “Kisses, Irishka”.

Is that any kind of weird or is she in a hurry?

Is her translator in a hurry?

Is it a scam?

Who’s the guilty that mistake to be made?

I am pleased that all those gentlemen are so sincere to share their concerns with me. Even far from each other they have common problems and matters to discuss and I suppose we have something here to discover and give a helping hand to each other to prevent from future failure.

If a man receives a reply with different names in the end of the text – it’s not a scam, it’s OK. I can say that it is even better than different names in the beginning of the letters. Can you imagine how many worries you get while you see the name that is not yours? Anyway this is not a reason to break up with your girl as many men do. First of all I recommend you to ask your girl about this issue what exactly happened and then to require any investigation with this matter within head management. Do not forget to attach scan copy of the letter, they will do nothing if you sketch the situation you experience in a few words only.

For example, another case. A man receives two responses. Both of them are directed to him but they are quite different with content. What is is? What you need to do?

It seems like the translator cancelled the previous variant of letter and resent the second one but the system did not fix the matter and previous letter was delivered to the member. That caused lots of misunderstandings. Or a lady had changed her mind with the reply and decided to rewrite her letter, she though it is about to be sent however the letter had already been sent and delivered.

Keep in mind: the system is a thing where technical issues can happen very often and if you think that someone would like to trick you out you should be sure first that it is not a technical subject.

As a rule if such agency like has a situation like that, they ask their members to specify with details as exact day and time, any scan copy of the letter or anything that would prove this mistake. In this case they are ready to investigate it and if the problem is in their side, they are ready to accomplish. You will be offered a special solution in individual case on a bonus platform.

Thus before complaining about scam and fraud everywhere be patient and check this out, probably this is a point of a small fixing.

And girls are not swindlers, they are not scammers working in the greatest love dating industry in the world, they are just simple people that can make mistakes sometimes, change their mind. And you should remember about human factor.

As to Uadreams – they are interested to have their reputation clear up from scam and the policy transparent. There is no use in walking twice into the same water. Besides they had enough experience to implement various anti-scam approaches.

UaDreams emphasize that women registered on the website are not fake, their profiles are not fake, their perfect photos are not fake and not stolen. I was surprised to know that before they register any single woman they verify her documents as to the marital status but not just to believe in words. You can say anything you want but therefore you need to prove. No candidate is allowed to register if there is something wrong with any page of the document.

Such people as married, suspicious and with lack of official documents are not allowed to be on dating sites, they are such kind of swindlers that ruin any dating agency reputation and make their business experience full of scam cases.

More real stories about fraud attempts on UaDreams that are really not always fraud

What if I have any doubt about their service quality?

I figured out that professional side of Uadreams is high enough to satisfy your needs. Your letters will be translated so good that even special idioms you use and sense of humor you have would be saved and transferred to your girl. I understood that she will definitely laugh if you joke instead of surfing online translators and look convulsively for the definition of that weird phrase you texted.

The pricing: ripping off?

The pricing is really good. Sometimes I can say it’s a bit expensive however the membership is for free, I emphasize. They offer bonuses for free and good discounts offers for those who decided to stay and be a member.


Swindlers: females?

I do not mean deceivers who build their whole business on tricks. I can accept such scam ladies who register almost in every site they can rip foreign men off. They have such an experience and it was successful, they decided to try their luck again, to earn some money and drowned to scam business fully. Such “ladies” – sorry I cannot call them ladies but I try my best – lure men from all over the world to private correspondence and extract money from them for different reasons: mother illness or death, education, tickets booking, visa expenses and etc.

My recommendations to this case – never send money!

Even Uadreams received a few complaints about scam female members who were trying to require money before meeting in real life!
What they did? They banned those profiles and removed them from the system, moreover they posted the information about such members on different forums thus potential members will have nothing to worry about in future.

Unreal pictures: fake or stolen?

I would like you to read a bit about pictures Uadreams have on their website. If you look through the merry-go-round on the website you’ll see that all women there are too beautiful to be true – so what is that? A kind of a bate? Or a self-presentation of a scam?
You see the issue is quite simple. There are many marketing advices due to online business and great promotion is one of them. Thus Uadreams performs wonderful advertisement result: professional photos of real ladies. Yes, Ukraine is famous for all women, girls to have so attractive appearance that cause too many argues between foreign men who do not believe that to be true. Actually this is true and if you do have some doubts you can just come to Ukraine and walk down the streets – you will be embarrassed with the feeling why the country with so beautiful people has so many life problems. So being honest there is nothing to hide: Uadreams offers good quality photoshooting and are pleased with the results. They present their agency on a high level.
If you are confused with profile perfect photos you can ask a lady to send you her private photo or fresh selfie, or invite her to video chat – here you’ll see all her beauty in full.
I believe there is one more option, it’s a new one – video representation of a lady, she tells about herself with the translation of course and you have a possibility to see how she moves, smiles and talks.

Anyway video is hard to have stolen, so you are free for trying this out – ladies in Uadreams are real.

Am I secured within Uadreams? Do they lure me? Am I in a trap?

Well, I hope you are due to one condition: you will not give any email address or mobile phone number or skype name or any free network account page to your lady as well do not accept her information. Remember: you do not know a person very well if you did not meet her in real life. So how you can be sure that your money help you are going to transfer would definitely reach the destination point? Think twice. Uadreams warns you with that: only after meeting your lady in their agency office you’ll be able to communicate without a third party.

But before – Uadreams takes the responsibility of your safety and defending you from scammers and fraudsters. That’s why you do not have any permission to exchange private data.

Profiles have the content to be updated regularly as well as yours so don’t be scared if a supervisor asks you to change any information point due to your date of birth, age or hair colour, this is very important for ladies to find their other half. Be sincere to yourself and to those people who are in need and who have a big hope for wonderful and no more lonely future.


Lots of questions must be put to dating websites as they still give a risk to their members. And now we feel greatest responsibility to specify you some situations that may happen with each member of a dating website.

One special review is worth for your deepest attention. We would like to tell you about Gunt, a member of, for about 3 years he had been communicating with hundreds of ladies there. We questionaired him a lot and he was really sincere with his response. He was ready to join even with lots of fears, actually, scam forums say nothing about guarantee on dating websites, that is why he took a decision to try his chance by his own. He got some information about UaDreams though, but there was negative experience in equivalent of positive one for other members. Indeed Gunt was confused with the fact of communication with bots but not real girls on the website.

The same week he received about 40 letters from lonely girls, he was chocked with their intentions to get acquainted with him. Was he charming? Was he extraordinary man? What was so special the attracted so many woman for such a short period of time?

He wants to know the truth. Is that a special maneuvre to intrigue customers or to get them no time to wait — still this puzzle is uncovered.
He couldn’t believe in such a abnormal quantity of sweet, young, beautiful girls who are single! How this could be possible! At least almost the third of them could be married or not married just dating. We live in XX century and Gunt couldn’t accept the fact that all these perfect women have no sex, no date, no one to be with and just sit on the website and wait for him. Such a noncence.

At first he thought, fake profiles, then he thought, fake letters. So what is that business, staff is sitting and compose letters or they hire ladies and use their profiles to lead communication with never-ending stories?

For example, Gunt went through the letters, a girl tries to tell almost all her lifetime in one letter. Why is she so sincere? Does she is ready to trust and rely on a stranger?

This caused much interest and Gunt began to communicate with a girl named Alla. This is a first letter he received from her:


Hello, dear Gunt!
I’m not a whole-time user of, however the day I entered my page the website updated me recent joined men. And I saw your photo, then subconsiously I opened your profile page and start reading. I was surprized with your interest of bikes and horse riding as actually these are the interests of mine! My ancle has a small house in the village and 5 hourses, so I used to have my childhood there, this place is near Lutsk, where I live. I’m turned with this hobby and I give riding lessons sometimes to my friends. Could you tell me more about your and your place? Are you sociable person?
I’d like to keep the connection with you if you don’t mind, of course. So I will be pleased to receive your letter.

Alla was very sweet, she impressed Gunt with her open and simple letter, Gunt accepted her invitation and they began to communicate. At first letters were full of different stories of each other’s life, then – Alla decided to tell Gunt her romance story with bad ending as her ex-husband did not want have children, that is why she was forced to divorse. So no she was eager to marry and have a family.
She embarassed Gunt with details of her unhappy past, like he was a phsychologist. Anyway he had no idea what to do with all this stuff.

Afterwards she tossed him with letters even faster than he could answer. What is that special interest to her with talking with him? Does she need just someone to listen to or any other motivation? We need to discuss that issue properly.

First of all foreign men need to understand deeply different mental position of Ukrainian ladies. They use to have a family traditions based on feelings preliminary. They cannot be shrewd businesswomen, the nature is against their regular instincts to be happy, and if a woman is not happy with her husband – she won’t have temptation to keep having relationships with him. She would search for any further motivation to break free. Her health has a possibility to give a birth to a creature, so she will be looking for a good husband as long as she needs. This the main aspect of taking into account her willingness to have someone, young ladies hate to be alone, they need a friend, a lover, a listener. In this situation there is no other way just to let the time solve, Alla needs a time to speak out, to cry out about her problem and this is quite normal. You may think that people should register on dating website ONLY AFTER they left their past? NO. This is not so easy for great part of lonely people, they still have some doubts and pain – you should just accept is with calm and give consolation.

Another question is his doubt regarding if she is real girl or just someone else. It is easy to check, you have several ways. First of all – you may discuss your phone conversation or arrange video chat – I think this is the most appropriate idea as you may see the face, emotions, or hear the voice if you will speak on the phone. Believe me, this is not so simple to lie when you communicate with someone online and your interlocutor sees you. You will avoid many problems when uncover your communication, I mean make it vivid. You should widen your ways of getting in touch with a person by visiting another country as well. Put lots of questions and see the result of answering them. Be attentive with details – this is more than you think. If a person is really interested in you, she will definitely consider.

Now a few words must be said about a score of letters Gunt received in a week.

In case there is a thousand of single ladies in, each new member would receive such a quantity of letters, which is normal. And the desire of every single person to find other half increase each day with adding new profiles of ladies as well. Besides, personal match give a pleasant result so that uadreams is working on their strategy. Don’t be upset with bad thought of samples of greeting letters, this is not true. You can be right with your thoughts but you are not right with the reality. First of all, for single ladies – this is a kind of a competition, secondly, this is a chance to be unique and to be first.

Another problem with Gunt is his attitude to the pricing policy. He flatly states that a price for one letter is very high. Normally if you spend 100$ a month but not a day. Just magine 36k a year and your life will never be the same!

Supposedly paying for each letter separately is not convenient, for Gunt is perfect to pay monthly membership and communicate as much as needed.

Let’s consider this point properly.

Monthly membership gives no guarantee with immediate or fast translation of the letter. Many websites offer online translator, automatic program. However this does not give any help if you intend to communicate closerly. The main idea of the message in a letter can be destroyed within the direct sense of the word translation that program uses.

Here you pay for professional translation, you may be sure that your lady will understand the letter in full, besides, this price includes a “letter back” – the translation of the lady’s letter to a member. The times in Ukraine does not give a possibility for all ladies to know English perfect, that is why they use such services of dating agencies. Some of them have already used free dating websites with free online translation for everyone but very disappointed.

What is more, you are able to buy a pack of letters with discount – so you will be able to pay 3,99 USD instead of 6,99 USD! This is a great opportunity to purchase unlimited package of letters if you intend to contact lady every day.

If we go back to our scam notice about Gunt, we should also mention that ususally scammers do respond to all letters but never be very attentive to the details and questions.

Gunt is sure that there is an automatic response as well. He supposes that some samples are ready to be sent only the name is to be changed. However we should say that if to compare each letter to members in UaDreams you will never find the same one. Besides this is about privileges to get aqcuainted with a noble adult man and keep the reputation of a good agency for many years than to choose the cheap way of earning money. Women know that their future is an important thing for them and they also know that if there is an opportunity to have their letters to be translated for free – they do their best to compose a letter, to express all feelings the soul tales.

Another thing I’ve heard from Evans, the next member- about the photos. Photoshop?

How could that be: ALL women are so beautiful in Ukraine?

The response – yes. They are really beautiful and their beauty is famous all over the world! You can do nothing with regular private photos but even if you ask to send some you will see no difference. This is the only one condition for all female members of the website – to make primary photo in one style according to the design. Anyway, you can look through all other photos in profile or receive in attachment. And yes, agency uses professional photographer services and probably sometimes they use Photoshop or Lightroom for colour correction. You should understand that there is no need to clear up all deffects properly if you want to appear in front of your man and he will recognize you, how do you think?

And now we would like to mention what Evans admitted as really pleasant thing. He loved very much the gifts options, the possibility to discuss everything with branch manager and quick resolutions. For example, he ordered tulips bouquet, but mentioned wrong colour. Besides, he checked this up to 2 days before the flowers have to be delivered. But he urgently contacted Support Center and request has been forwarded to the branch manager! Alla got yellow tulips right the next day without any problems and no additional payment! Operating capability!

We want to add that in case you haven’t found something you want in particular – it is possible to find it. Managers inform members about such things regularly. Romance is in uadreams website as well: candies and jewelry, lingery or certificates, anything you wish to please a woman being far from her.

Numorous staff include courriers and drivers, so they are responsible to be in time, this is a hard work but it is worth for!

Evans noticed that there is no monthly membership. What does it mean? Sounds not good, really. As you wished you could pay money for 1 month and try it out. Of course many dating websites use such a dating online model and it is convenient in some way.

Well, probably this is unusual thing but has free membership to give a chance to register and to try how does it work. If a member does not like the services at all, his profile surely will be removed by request. And no money for the first try, sounds great, doesn’t it?

Here please read below the letter we would like you to consider, it is from a man, a member of uadreams:

Hello to you,

I’m pleased about your messages about dating online and they are very informative. So right now im gonna explain to you my situation and as a result a question I intend to ask.
Probably 2 months have passed since I’ve registered on this website. But still I haven’t found someone to be interesting for me. I got 10-15 letters per day, I communicate with several interesting ladies but this is all I can say. Nothing special for me in these letters, my messages receive another messages and no feelings can appear. What I am interested is that how much time does it usually takes to be a member on such a dating website as Is it a scam site, may be they just lure people and then get money out from their pockets. I truly want to believe if not.
I will be really appreciate if you could explain me what is a matchmaking service?
How much money should I pay? Do I have any guarantee to find my beloved?
Thanks a lot!
And best regards
Bady Y.


This is a pleasure for me to have your letter, Bady. And I am always ready to investigate the issue deeply. You see according to statistics, normally you have a year to understand if the person is completely matching. And of course, even if you see some words like agency gives a guarantee the you will definitely find someone – this can have another meaning. Of course you WILL find somebody on the website! BUT no one will give you 100% guarantee that you will be able to have happy marriage as it depends on both of you and two-sides hard work. There was one case, when a man applied to uadreams with a complain to remove his profile and to give money back as his marriage was unsuccessful. Nobody knows how your life is successful with someone you met in your country. This is not a decision to put a full responsibility on a dating agency. You can use services to be closer to each other and have a security.

Scam issue is underlined in almost every forum I’ve looked through.

All of us know that this is the main problem dating websites may suffer and this is a barrier for lonely heart to get united. However uadreams claims that scam is always free so if you pay for the service – you get service. If you want to get service for free – get ready to be involved in scam operation as nowadays due to life experience and requirements you cannot have anything for free.

I do not exclude such things can happen even in famous dating website.

Positive resonance of security system appeared only after switching on special anti-scam system in uadreams . Greatest and highly developed approaches help agency to fight with scam artists almost immediately block them and isolate.

There is numerous staff who takes guard on monitoring ladies’ profiles, checking social networks and do that regularly!
Even if a lady indicates that she is single, agency does not agree to register her but only after special check.
Dating online is a great feed back of social networks model, but includes professional photos, translation, friendly-using website interface and navigation, good video chat and conference call programs compatible with you mobile or laptop.
You can see face, hear the voice, communicate with your beloved every day if you wish and with the guarantee of real meeting. Yes, it is possible in XXI century.

How could you know if this agency is good for you?

First rule is you should not trust to everyone or just believe to marketing strategy but use your mind and check the information properly. I’d like to give you certain examples what you should pay attention to:

  • be aware of beautiful photos you see in profiles of ladies
  • if you use free communication services, you will receive many primary letters with phrases composed with the data from your profile
  • tender manner of talking, sharing personal information, speaking on specific private topics
  • you receive first signals of asking money but covering this by emergency help of yours a scammer needs from you
  • uncovering you the intimate situation and stimulating to Western Union transfer
  • free online translator using – you will never know the shadow language tricks
  • no guarantee to have a real date after online regular dating

Many dating websites that keep building on business by successful crime keep using the same scam and fraud schemes and strategy. But you have to know for sure: each big website and agency needs technical and financial support to have its team on business. If you are offered free services – what do they want instead? Reconsider.

We all know that mainly Russia and Ukraine are at the top of scam forums for their love affairs on dating websites and ability to escape from life dates. So why these countries? Just because of the popularity of dating market! Russian and Ukrainian singles are the most famous wives wanted. Being mentally matured, smart, educated, sociable – women could be perfect other side to keep stable relationship. That is why that attracts foreigners too much.

Anyway, nowadays men could find lots of information about dating scam however they still register on dating websites and no one could stop them from doing this. That means they could feel ready to meet such crime face to face.

The very beginning of 2000 was the start of dating agencies online so we can notice great rise of members registered after 2005 and really huge audience in 2012.
And now our easy-non-stop communication era gave us mobiles and tablets for all the time using favourit websites in a way of app.


If we talk about real personal match – you should understand that it is really a hard work for agency’s staff. You have to be questionnaired, analysed, girls – to be monitored for matching and offering you the proper profiles. Besides all those manipulations are on the base of permanet communication with a member and a lady, with both of them and help them to communicate as well.
We take under consideration the language barrier and main principles of professional translation, not the free online one – who cares if you would be hardly misunderstood with your new phrase in German, right?

Modern websites are featured with good communicative programs compatible with your portable devices. You may use video chat, video conference or phone call. In this case you are able to use the translation service as well, we mean simultaneously. Besides, different apps for modern platforms are developed as well. That means you are able to start using them immediately within logining from your social network!

Now let’s imagine that your communication turns to great feelings and you are about to fall in love, so in this case it is better to ogranize a trip and come to the place your beloved live in. Of course you may arrange everything by yourself, online booking works good but for foreigners it is not so simple to get to another country full of puzzles and uncertain situations, where defense system is in a process. So a properly aasistance will be very much appreciated in this case and good international websites can offer such service. They book a ticket for you, find the nice and cosy accomodation according to your requirement and you will be offered additional services as interpreter and driver as well.

So as you see, this is quite a big system of work and staff makes a good job to get a salary for.

Google will give you perfect results within uadreams scam. And we won’t deny if something may happen. In this case there are two ways of the whole process of solution:

1 – to find the truth (which side is guilty)
2 – to punish

Scammers or fraudsters are among men members as well. We know many examples of male members who used to register, to spend some dollars for services and then suddenly require to remove them from the system. Afterwards special department monitores the correspondence and see that that man proposed young lady to come out from the website and he promised big amount of money of course and ticket and trip to his country. We cannot resume if it was true. We do not reject the situation when truthful and serious intentions cause to behaive like that BUT! There is NO guarantee nowadays that your interlocutor is a lier. Even if you have been communicating for a long period of time.

However we do not deny the fraud cases in uadreams agency. Though all staff monitores ladies’ profiles regularly it is impossible to be inside the communication of two sides. Probably there are those ladies who still want to find any way to get money out of their members and ask for any financial help but being tolerate and artistic. We should say that the only thing we need – the very right proof -scan copy of text or letter or message anything that will help to investigate the issue immediately. Remember – we can do nothing if we have just some notices or hints, we need a certain proof. This will be a push to resolve the case and to prevent all other members from such case. Each specific report helps the whole anti-scam system to become stronger.
Your attention would be the powerful weapon, it is better for you to notice any specific phrase, or your questions ignorance or repeating abstracts, names or details confusing will also help. We should understand is that a real scam or translation problems.

Both, members and agency will cooperate and be out of all that scam and fraud stuff. Don’t forget about the main purpose: heart uniting but not wallets empting.

What uadreams Has To Fight With Scam.

This is not a time of being desperate: the solution is over here in front of you! uadreams Anti-Scam Department gives you a suggestion. You go ahead and make your membeship easier and defend yourself from the scam and fraud.

  • Special department has its duty to monitor ladies documents before registration, and marital status as well. They don’t open profile if something is wrong. If a lady is a lier – she is to be removed from the system and blocked.
  • Monthly monitoring
  • uadreams do not recommend to exchange personal information before first meeting in the office, thus there is guarantee that a meeting will definitely take place.
  • You can share all your complains and concerns with Members Support Center. You will receive an immediate feed back.
  • uadreams would take all measurements to punish guilty
  • Report about any scam immediately. Each minute of your doubtness would cost you less hope to find scammer.

Is Dating About The Money?

We cannot take such a responsibility and tell you – hey, use as it is the only best agency for you! It’s up for you to take a decision. But you should remind what is told above about free dating services and reconsider your position if you think that love should be for free.

And yes, love is not about the money.

But money would help to determine your aim, to weed out enemies, to be closer and to avoid many barriers for good communication, to be in safe and at least to understand that many agencies are interested in having good business for years and not for one-day glory. And surely they need your financial support.

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