Learn to protect yourself from fraud, when dating online.

For many people searching of romantic relationships on the Internet becomes the only hope to find a faithful life companion. Such searching has been steadily gaining popularity for the last years. There is, however, a considerable risk of meeting with a fraud, because there’s almost one billion dollars that have been circling in the services of online dating. No wonder that scammers trying to cash in on such trend, using the trust of naive people.

Scammers have continuously attack thousands of dating sites; many people have become their victims. For many this price is quite high: often people lose more than 3000 dollars. Fraudsters pose themselves as beautiful and cute foreign girls, engaging you in conversations on the internet. They’re able to create the appearance that you are very interested for them. Scammers give you their “e-mail address”: continuing of communication directly, outside a dating service, is very important to them.

Fraudsters use different methods, have big experience in getting money from people
Fraudsters need your e-mail to forge a relationship without intermediaries, that’s how they are trying to deceive you and confident in their sincere affection. Once a person reciprocates them – deception is successful. They begin to talk about some “extraordinary circumstances” (relatives in a hospital, a surgery is needed) and ask you for money. There’s another option, when the scammer wants to meet you, but he has no money for getting a visa or coming to your place. A cheater’s victim doesn’t know that is talking to a professional liar, and instead of the girl he most likely is a man! There is a more complex fraud when a man hires a girl. She starts to call you and offer familiarity, portraying great love.

However, if you take into consideration some of our lights and warning signs you’ll most likely avoid online fraud and financial losses. Here are these signs:

You’ve been asking for money.

This is the most reliable sign of deception. Regardless of the circumstances, asking for money from people whom you know only through the Internet is too crazy! Scammers are very creative, asking you to help with buying tickets for a trip to you; they ask to cash a check, to assist in “a difficult situation”. They may ask you to send a wire transfer and so on. Some scammers ask for money with impatience, while others patiently wait when you’ll be ripe. To do this, they try to establish with you sincere relationships and ensure so that you fall in love with the profile that they’d created.
Scams start communicating first and fast learn your e-mail

The first contact is initiated not by you.

Scams factually always initiate the contact FIRST. If you’ve unexpectedly received by e-mail a beautifully written message from abroad, it’s better not to respond on it.

Insistence on communicating by e-mail.

Usually all online scammers do their best to learn your e-mail as soon as possible, because their profile may soon be completely blocked. Most of dating services remove the suspicious profiles of people, trying to share their e-mail. That’s why in the first (or second) letter a fraudster will necessarily give you his e-mail and certainly ask you to send him your.

Fake photos.

Some speculators cut out photos from magazines or just scan the beautiful pictures from there. Listen carefully to your intuition: if you’ll have the feeling this photo is something wrong, then most likely it’s a fake. However, it’s not always so: there’s an option, when scammers simply steal someone’s photo, placing it in their profiles. As a rule, be especially careful if you see a picture of too beautiful girl. Just try not to be tempted.

Fraudsters use models photos to impress you
Woman in a beauty salon. Conceptual photo

The interlocutor doesn’t want to share information with you.

You can closely communicate with a certain person who (as you think) is a very nice and honest. However, at the slightest attempts to learn more about him you come across a great reluctance in sharing any information. Your caller is trying to find out more about you, but avoids convey much information about himself. If the person avoids answering on your direct questions (like experienced politicians) – do not communicate and run from him!

Varying of posts.

Corresponding with the person from abroad, pay attention to all inconsistencies in the variations of writing styles, his (or her) often repeated assertions or linguistic differences. Know that the scammer, who began corresponding with you, is far from being always the same person in the future. If you notice any discrepancies in letters, received from him, then he’s not the person with whom you originally copied.

If you take into consideration all of our “control signs of fraud,” then you’ll easily take all the necessary security measures:

1) Always start communicating on dating sites first.
2) Carefully protect your personal information.
3) Communicate only with the local and not foreign users.
4) Listen carefully to your intuition.
5) You should never answer to those, who write you his e-mail in the first letter in order to continue communication OUTSIDE the site.

Many users of dating sites have become victims of frauds. There was a case when two men in the same airport were waiting with flowers on arrival from abroad a certain girl. Both of them had sent her money before “to pay for a ticket”. They were very embarrassed when they both looked at each other with bouquets of flowers in his hands. Simply they both became innocent victims of the same scammer! Of course, that’s the honest truth that many people find their spouse on the Internet. However, the most reasonable conduction, when you are dealing with a stranger on a dating site, would be caution. We sincerely wish you not to be tricked by scammers!


  1. I know the main rule of detecting freaks: if they try to catch your attention for the first time but do that with rushing on you with letters – that’s a bad sign, man. Really. They are interested in quantity may be less than quality, so anyway they know that from all 95% cases fired – 5% ones would hit.

  2. The only problem is when they ask for your personal info. If you have long time relationship you give it doubtless, sure. Like my turn when I was a member of Uadreams I had a lady there, we were one year together and this time we had no secrets from each other. Besides I knew that they did not let me ask her email or phone number. You know, first of all I was deeply angry and kind of constipation of the brain while I was thinking who they are and why they do this. But lately I had one article to read about scam matters on non-free dating sites where men spent money and after that girls cheating on them with promises to meet but escaped. So I thought it’s better to reconsider my previous point of view about the 3d side in virtual dating.

  3. Yummy.. what a good post for scammers to read) they will laugh out. May be they will take on board) ..complete scheme of best usage your dating account. Agree.. But sometimes it’s not enough if they have total system with the people of 10 for example: one is texting, another one is making a selfie or stealing photos from websites, another one is searching through the whole correspondence to be in details.

  4. Good advices. Thank you! It was more than informative for me to get some knowledge about fraud and scam on dating sites and I promise, i’ll be very careful!

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