UnBreak My Heart: This is not about Toni Braxton’s song but about scam artists!

Here we will try to give you our best advices how to avoid scam signs usually hidden from general user.

We know that usually scam situations are typical and are to be expected, in this case you have to be very well armed. That means – very well informed and warned.

Are you sure that your beloved is sitting each day in her profile page and waiting for you getting online? Are you sure that you’ve got to the right website and you will never be scammed?
Indeed there are billion of men like you, who doubt and who still are members of online dating websites. Paying over half of a billion of dollars in 2006 dating website members showed great potential scam risk and dating interest at the same time.

So what is dating scam and how many types you can distinguish? Firstly, you should know that artists can start from light form of tricks and increase their scamming process to opened stealing. Please find below 4 main scam forms to appear and to uncover, probably this specific explanation will help you to disclose them and to avoid them in future.

1. Not the one you expected.

Usually if you get to online dating you try to show the best side of yours, so you post every part of yours in a perfect view: best photos, best features and qualities and best words to describe what you are. However sitting with a laptop on your sofa does not give any guarantee to your interlocutor that you have hundreds of disadvantages you haven’t mentioned in your profile, and may be you are not so tall as you indicated and your age is much older. When you try to offer yourself you sale your personality as a good to be offered with the discount. It should be VERY nice.

So if you meet a person a dream of yours – be ready to get disappointed with lie or scam. Anyway the least you should expect that this person has as many bad features as you but hidden.
If you wish to verify the age of your date, you may ask her fresh picture (but we do not give a guarantee of having several samples be ready in advance to sent to you as a proof). Anyway you should try.

Be attentive with emotionally unstable people, in case they change their behaviour or mood during your conversation. For example offer to meet in the nearest future, but in crowdy place. Or if you have already discussed the meeting but you postponed it, what is the reaction?

Special advices:

Create a separate email address for dating purposes; never indicate your full name or any personal data. Protect yourself from being vulnerable.

Don’t use your home phone number, never tie unknown people to your home. You may use your cell phone at least. Of course new technology gives a possibility to find anyone within a phone number, however within mobile services it is more difficult.

Never give your home address before your first meeting at least. It is better to inform someone when you know her or him closer. Remember: your purpose is a date. So you can meet everywhere. Home is not necessary.

On a date you may offer to pay only half. This is normal tactics for the first meeting and you shouldn’t offer to pay for everything totally. Supposedly your friend is a scammer and likes free dates.

2. Already married.

You may be involved in love affair when your interlocutor is having fun with you as he or she is already married on the side. Actually married men pretend to be single more often than women.
Since this information is usually non-indicated in the profile and a person does not intend to confess – so it is uneasy to denote the truth. But we give you some tips to establish such situation.

“Married signs”:

  • take a look on his/her picture: if it is dark or fuzzy, sometimes married people are afraid to post bright pictures of themselves to avoid their friends to recognize them;
  • if you ask a phone number – your interlocutor escape from doing that but takes your instead and calls you when it is convenient for him/her and you need to be in schedule;
  • give a notice how fast your date gives a call back if you finally called him/her, if he/her asks to leave a message instead of calling; if the time of your phone talks are the same day after day – may be the spouse is near and both of you are in danger to be detected;
  • you are never introduced to parents and your date escapes crowdy place to be shown with you, may be there is a sign to uncover if your friend is hiding something from you.

3. Email scam.

You see, sometimes dating websites are not dating but just scam you with advertisement or annoy by any marketing tricks. If you are a member of such site get ready to speak not with a date but with an employee who will spam your mailbox with disturbing letters. But then your communication stops, so the only thing they need is just your email to spread their spam.

What to advise? Of course, do not give your private email address, in case you still haven’t created the separate one. No one likes rush of spam in a private mailbox.

4. Online dating blackmail.

This type is the most dangerous one in the whole dating industry and causes the hardest aftermaths.

The shakedown is to be detected when a man pretends to be a woman and vice versa. But on the top of that is not even empty wallet but the great harm to human’s feelings that goes psychologically much deeper – that ruins the hope of lonely people to believe and to trust.

At first you communicate easily and you find lots of things in common, you have marvelous topics to discuss and you discover great interest of your interlocutor to your personality in details.

fterwards romance will come fast with all that tricks – songs, warm and smooth words, long phone talks and so and so forth. But suddenly the time for asking for financial help comes, hard disease or education credit or air ticket, anything that seems so easy to understand and to believe if you are fallen in love. You help urgently. And you transfer that amount your date is waiting but afterwards – no date, no meeting, no money, no hope to find the ends.

Be recommended to meet samples of romance: such scheme is investigated to work good that is why it is used often, so most probably you receive the same letters as the previous victim got but names were changed carefully. Be careful with details and even the smallest misunderstandings in time, day, colours and types of breakfast mentioned. Put specific questions and require proper answers, ask for fresh “selfies”, and never send money to person you have never met in real life. You won’t have any chances to get them back.


  1. Possible the precious advices for the last period I’ve read. I’m busy nights and days with searching lots of info about scam, being hurt once you got an immune defence and stop trusting left and right.

  2. I’m a woman, i see that mostly men are reading here as this is a men’s blabla to find wives abroad somewhere far from home in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Anyway they got catched by some Nigerian fellows ready to have some money for their attention and brilliant work. However this is not the end. Women suffer as well when they search for a man, just in the same country. For me, I intended to find the other half of mine here in US, but failed with Malaysian boy, 15 years younger.. What a CRAP.

  3. I don’t like russian dating sites, they still have the same system like soviet union has -the closed one, to hid the truth and to make all people fool. Taking out money, they take the hope, belief. And it doesn’t matter if I become poor with the money trick, I’m afraid to be poor with my heart and soul trick.

  4. I cannt forget about one girl that I found on fb was married already. That’s terrible but she just wanted to have some entertainment by communicating with men on dating websites, she didn’t even want to change her status or get divorced, she messed her up with stucking in such websites and wasting time with single men.. Anyway that’s good for articles like this to exist.

  5. I must confess that i was lucky not to be scammed yet ha)) Anyway I apply everyone to make sense with all your virtual dating and start to think over, to analyze – then you will never be a victim. I am a member of one international website and I’m contacting three Ukrainian girls and still I had no fail with making fool of me, if they do – i’ll let you know. But again I want you to be convinced in what you are going to do, to go, to subscribe, OK?

  6. Sound’s good. Let’s try from the very beginning. May be I’ll get my fortune with the next approach..who knows) Thanks for giving such a useful info!

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