Uadreams scam website: to be or not to be?

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Let’s get to scam topics again as we want to reveal all delusive promises, trip nightmares and all pros and cons of international dating.

Nowadays we got to as so many inconsistencies stuck to this agency that it is more than interesting to cope with many realistic reviews and to make updated conclusion.

Here please find one of negative feedbacks regarding Uadreams:

Absolute scam ever! Stay away from Uadreams and keep your wallets and hearts closed.

Never trust this agency. And never try. You may find all levels of service to be horrific and abusive. My Uadreams experience was awful. I had my trip to Lutsk with paid all expenses my best accordingly. But I treated terribly. I have no idea why my lady experienced so big changes when I came, she met me but left as soon as possible. This website is full of deceivers with their abusive strategy of lie. You cannot imagine how angry I was to get to this well planned scamming scheme, they ripped me off and broke my heart since she gave me her private email address. Yes, after the meeting but she never replied.

I cannot say Im young and handsome as I am 57 years old adult man who is looking for a woman to live common life with. I visited Ukraine several times and the picture I see is overwhelming by scam efforts. I think it’s better to refer to Ukrainian embassy to warn people around. I’m telling you in bold that this is scam and you have to be an idiot to keep being a member of this website! So I hope you will share my post for guys who read this source and your great help is really appreciated cause this is important for me”

This is the original version of the message however we won’t indicate the details of this man, let’s give him George name.

So, George, we did what you asked.

Supposedly the situation deteriorates within such realistic posts however they could also undermine the reputation of a non-free dating website.

First of all what is needed to mention that you can prove if you contact a bot or fake profile. If you wish to verify if a woman you contact via Uadreams is real ask her for some video chat minutes, besides the website gives a few ones for free.

If you use unlimited correspondence you will never know whom are you talking with, so it is better to see a person in real.

Indeed our deal is to be non-judgemental and get onto doubtful facts about Uadreams, so if anyone wants to read more follow these link:

Here is next message from Dougie:

“You know I used to be involved to Uadreams by one girl from free russian dating site but she quit from there. So I downsized to Uadreams for spending money haha instead of being free and use no dollar for online talks. I still cannot see any profit in paying money for online dating. Well, ok, I agree to pay for personal girl’s contact but Uadreams rejected my request.”

And another one from Nohran:

“I know that is a scam agency, I understand that letters are written by translators.”

Sure nowadays international dating websites use written patterns for luring foreign men, they can steal well-planned grammar and spelling tops from other non-free websites for convincing others by letters. Such maneuvers make people trust too much as good English is not about Nigeria or Malaysia. That leads to a perfect scam involving reputable international dating names.

Giants of dating business never recommend to share personal information after couple of messages or even months. Scammers used to be patient and they have firm strategy of building up a perfect relationship. Afterwards when victim is ready they ask for money or they threat if necessary.

That is why is against escaping the website and using only personal email addresses. If ex-member experiences any scam and then asks for any help they can do nothing as they have no access to personal platforms. Very often people ignore the profit of a third-party position. Sometimes it’s better to pay fee to be in safe.

Uadreams has their own server and they have all records for investigation if necessary, numerous staff developments work for stable software and implement updated technology for security.

Actually some interesting facts about personal contacts sharing you may find right here

Very often dating websites use the same scheme for contacting men: they steal the profiles of real women and employers keep the correspondence from that profile instead of lady. And if they try to come or whenever they come clients see the difference in lady’s behavior. That’s the obvious thing. Another truth is girls themselves used to earn money for making correspondence with Western men and the amount depends on credits her man spent on being a member of the dating agency.

But indeed here is an outstanding situation, we could believe George for being ignored by his woman but at the same time they simply could not match when met in real life. Such things can also happen, very often and dating agency cannot give the guarantee of 100% match. Sure they promise a big chance of match, they give all necessary services and options to couple but who knows how people can be beloved to each other in common life. Even a body’s smell can change everything! In this case we cannot flatly state that George was right in his story. The problematic situation really happened but it may lead to different truth.

Along with our opinions below you may read super informative review about ukrainian women and ukrainian scam:

We contacted Uadreams with this question, they replied immediately and convinced that such problem is more than complicated, as George and Nika (his beloved lady) have been communicating for 5 months and George did spent a lot of money for correspondence and gifts. But he almost never tried video chat and calls, that confused Nika as she saw George only once, and the second time when he came. So they simply did not couple by the reason of personal mismatch (Nika confessed about stink smell and very low voice what frightened her a lot, she did not care about appearance as George is handsome and mature man). Indeed what she saw was against her preferences and she was more than upset.

Supposedly in such situations men expect the most romantic happy ending however very often, As Uadreams mentioned, men come from abroad once but never come to the same lady again. “No specific connection” – they said. So what Ukrainian woman should think about? Is there any guarantee if no match happens? How about personal abhorrence?

Dating free websites like, and supposedly would be interesting for you if you want to keep a penny. However there is a big risk of scam seduction: you pay nothing per letter, you pay nothing for personal contact. There are some questions: what income has a free dating site, just within a traffic? What particular defense the online dating base has against phishing, fraud, scam and any kind of virtual crime? Are you sure that your personal registration data is in safety?

Why should you trust Uadreams?

There is no guarantee that your dating will end successfully, but non-free dating sites like Uadreams give all opportunities to contact without troubleshooting like scam and fraud.

As we see, they have convinced and reputable payment processors therefore there is no reason to worry about billing details to be stolen or used for any profit.

Uadreams staff uses automatic and manual members profiles verification. Profiles are never confirmed if some documents are missing. Also all women are to be interviewed previously to detect any scam effort.

Here is one very good source telling about scam issues related to Uadreams

Of course no one is 100% safe from scam if using online dating services and by no means Uadreams underline that. Be careful and be warned to behave properly. That means never share your personal data until you meet with a person personally, never transfer any money even if the situation is urgent. Uadreams advise to contact them immediately for any investigation or a help.

Uadreams offer to change translator if a member is not satisfied (such things can happen as well), their staff is numerous.

Ladies write letters only by themselves. And ladies will meet you during video chat sessions, but not Uadreams employers. Ask detailed questions, be frequent with sessions, use different services to be in touch – all means are important to know a person better.

Organize your trip within several branches if you are not sure in one lady only. This is our position and we do recommend you to reconsider if you are in a hurry.

The last but not least: Uadreams give bonus services for free, so if you sign up, you have chances to use some video chat minutes to check if your lady is real! This is wonderful to see her face and if you want to book a conference – you may hear her voice. This company works hard for software that is why you receive professional and fast apps for IOs and Android

And probably men used to disregard this but women invest all their attention to potential husband, therefore they are more than upset about some sudden mismatch.


  1. If monopoly is live it usually works in each side, I see indeed that uadreams works in FB as well like
    If you need any question to be responsed quickly go ahead and use their fb account. Besides they post updates and news about scam reveals and some useful advices. You see the technology blow but thereafter we cannot respond and we must educate ourselves.

  2. I have some related points to trip issues.
    I cannot see any profit in coming to one girl, so I used to come to several. And my girls knew about that as It seems to me they do the same. I think they have several meetings per months.
    I do want to have a very big discount for planning several trips. This is a king of adventure with the biggest risk in a foreign state with unknown people and a few English.
    Girls behave very rude when they see you at least, this is a clear obscure against the correspondence. They are sweet and lead to you come to their country but when you come finally they are afraid to kiss in a cheek. That is why I’m trying to bag agencies to allow me to bring girl to my place and I will pay just to avoid scam in my life again.

  3. I must confess video chat is the only thing I like in Uadreams, basically I see a person – and this is really optimistic, this person is a female and she IS REAL and no one is scamming you with bots. I can use my device for being in touch with her whenever I want.

  4. Supposedly most sophisticated crooks I’ve ever met, hyping and involving their powerful ingenuity to rip people off. Still I cannot accept they can be really reputable guys. Maybe somehow you will persuade me who knows. But I’ve changed three translators and again I’ve received the letter with not my name at the top. I have no idea whom they were directed to but I quit with this agency.

    1. I have no trust to dating online. I was trawling but myself hooked. I contacted four women via website by myself and my email got attacked by hundreds of others women who “were definitely interested” in me. That means I am the next member who is new and who’s profile is highlighted to show everyone that they can try their chance. They are interested in new money source but not my personality.

  5. Complainboards gives a concrete example of many reviews to be created specifically, that caused many doubts. I think such things can happen once but people used to tell about and warn others to find different ways to avoid mistakes. But if someone has failed, that doesn’t mean others will do. So straighten up and fly right if you have any negative experience. That does not mean you have to blame the whole pack.

  6. Certainly Uadreams get the cut but why not. They get the money for the services they offer. I know that I can talk freely with any unmarried woman of Ukraine. Besides I know that if she is a scammer Uadreams will help me to uncover within records of letters, messages, videos and etc. Free dating sites do not care about their members, they care about traffic only. These links may help you with denoting your choice I spent so many days by reading and watching and analysing! For example, each time you go to the website be ready for pros and cons. One pro is the most important – there is no scam here, I tried services and I am more than satisfied. Seize the day, do not spare with free dating sites, usually this is more than scam. You may be a victim of any fraud like phishing – criminals simply steal your contacts.

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