UaDreams Confronts Scam Threat.

Electronic era dictates its steps too fast, and the internet, media sources and gadgets has key option to lead the life of many couples. As a matter of fact we used to commit our relationship, we marry and we break up within online communication, we underline our life moments by checking our mobile phone. If you ask 20 people if they have ever tried dating online – their answer will wonder you much, supposedly 12 of them meet their other half by internet services.

If we speak about long-term relationships we cannot assume that any dating website is able to find a good candidate for you. But please find below the severe statistics.

The effect modern technology gives on stable and long-term relationships:

*****8% of married people who used dating websites state that high technologies influenced a lot on their relationship, 15% said they received less impact on their destiny than before as nowadays they feel the risk. 77% of internet users give no matter on this. They feel relaxed and their partnership is successful.*****

Positive or negative?

We accept that internet crime widen its brackets in time due to free websites with free membership and options.

If we go back to digits, we see that about 59% use dating website and receive no negative impact, 22% have only negative impact and they try to post reviews about; 19% undetermined, they have both negative and positive influence.

Men Who Use Dating Websites.

Scam and fraud cases won’t ghost from dating industry at all, they got their devout “clients”. Let’s analyze who they are.

1. Desperate men. Men who have their feelings under control, who fall in love from the first look on the beautiful photo of a young lady, who fall in love from the first word “Dear” in the letter, who fall in love with the adorning long letters and so-romantic correspondence. They were lack of it in their teens and probably now they need to compensate. This is so easy to play with emotions of such kind of men. It is so easy to cheat such men out of their money.

2. Helping hand men. Men who are always ready to react, to response, to give, to present, to joy to make someone happy. They understand that they may need this in their turn and subconsciously they imagine if they help once, someone will do the same. They just send money via Western Union for people in need. They really need this. To proceed their payment for apartment rent, or car credit, or due to some illness – as it is so expensive to get some medicines. To buy a ticket for plane. We won’t continue, there are lots of options as well. Scammers love them!

3. Men of golden age who need a young woman next to them. What exactly we mean: men of 40-60 years old, they have lucrative business, good career, divorced or just never been married as they were busy with work. They created delusive image of successful couple: him and young smart and beautiful lady. However they did not include the fact of consumer surplus in such kind of a couple.

4. Men who will never marry or come to another country. Separate individuals. They just need foreign sweetheart he will never see alive but he likes to pamper hit vanity with relationship on a distance. It’s like a habit, to wake up in the morning and rush to sit with the computer to fall into a reverie.

As we can see, all types of men mentioned above really need this. And as long as such men live – as long as many dating websites will exist.

Dating Websites: To Use Or Not To Use?

Dating business has its drawbacks around personal meeting in case it is really possible. Mostly we receive lots of reports men from all over the world that they have never met those ladies they have been corresponding to.

Dating online is a pattern came from abroad. And digital communication bares no negativeness on their life. Succesful couples, happy partners share their good experience gladly with others. We can say this is about timing, technology era began in XX century, now we have smartphone era and no free time. So dating apps era helps with the dating business. Commercial projects encourage people to join web.

We cannot give you a guarantee of successful usage as those people who have tried online dating have private mixed opinions about their experience. Sure, great part of them has a positive outlook, they got certain downsides though. But we face scam and fraud increasing within online dating. Mainly free online dating websites.

Of course you can see some articles reeking with scraps:

Why Should I Pay Money For Online Communication?

Ok. Let’s uncover what money dating agencies need.

You use the system of communication (chat and letter system, photo gallery, media storage, calendar and etc.) that has been developed by technical programmers (this is their job and they need to get salaries), you send letter each day or may use unlimited packages – this is about 3 letters per day in average (translator needs his work to get paid, this is his time he spend with professional translation), you wish to send gifts, flowers, packages to your beloved (managers who arrange this need salaries), you wish to come and organize a meeting with your lady (trip manager will assist you with the interpreter, driver, you will be consulted with accommodation and tickets and guide through the city), and many other options.

Well, you may use Skype for free communication, online translators for free translation, free gallery for files exchanging but there is no guaranty you will be scammed with someone. You will face with translation problems as no good online translator will manage to transform the information will all specifities language has. It is hard to identify if you speak with real person on free dating website. Intermediary scammers used to work in group of people, for example a lady will pretend to be your sweetheart but another one will send you letters, and another one will speak with you via Skype. How will you check her status? How do you know if your lady dates only with you – this is a free website. Do free options for communication disquiet you, don’t they?

A New Platform of UaDreams.

We can say this is an innovation of one of non-free dating website as

Anti-Scam Policy with huge Anti-Scam Department is something new in this business. They care about their business and we are convinced that if there are so many unsatisfied members their business fall down. It is important not to let snowball go far.

Indeed their department works on proactive scammers. They need to be on a step forward position to prevent their members from being victims. That is why they choose a limited number of ladies to be registered on their website. Usually as you know for all foreign ladies such membership is for free, but male members need to pay money for communication.

They check all documents before registration, marital status of a lady, they provide them with photos to look real and it’s not so good if you see a good picture but an awful image when you see person via video or alive. They maintain all information in social network and it is to be monitored regularly, once in a month.

Exchanging of Personal information is strictly prohibited in letters, during video chat, in personal packages or even with bouquet of flowers. No money is to be transferred to lady directly and certainly no reasons to worry about money extracted from members. And only when couple meets personally for the first time in the agency, they may communicate freely without any help of agency. This approach helps the management to keep the responsibility till the first meeting as well as caring about security of the male and female members. We have found some articles of young ladies when they were corresponding with foreign men, they were about to meet and marry but their fiancées never came. A kind of insurance, yes.

Members Support Center receives all complains regarding scam or fraud they may suffer – and all these cases are urgently to be investigated. Nude photos and videos, actually all adult content is prohibited on a matter of internet deception and to avoid female members terrify to death.

GO ahead and see the main pros of UaDreams dating agency:

  • Staff, professional, smart and intelligent;
  • Options of translation and interpretation;
  • Great choice of services;
  • Customized approach;
  • Female Profiles monitoring;
  • Trip assistance;
  • Members security policy;
  • Personal meeting in the office;
  • 100% guarantee of meeting arrangement;
  • No scam and fraud.


But despite all scam issues online daters keep using and browsing the internet. For instance, just 45% of non-users accept the statement that online dating is really dangerous and even more dangerous than you use other ways to meet people. Mostly men and women , we speak about dating online users, tend to have almost the same views regarding advantages and disadvantages of the dating websites.

Danger is a distance, you sit with you gadget in safe home but someone could trick on you even 10 000km far and it’s up to you – to let someone to take you out of control or just to use your brain and analyze.

Well, we assume that our research demonstrates that internet users are interested in those who are similar to them. That is why dating websites use algorithm of filling matchmaking forms. People are not even aware of each other’s presence but this is a big interest to search. Yes, we neglect deep psychological issues concerning personal meeting after long communication online however we have statistic that shows that people need this.

Advice to limit internet usage usually gives no effect. That is why we need to secure ourselves from being tricked online. So transparent policy of some dating websites should be freely eliminated – this will help people see the future, observe the situation and make conclusions.


  1. Hello everyone, I am 52 years old. My problem is my age and indeed I worry about that as I was married twice and have three children. But I’m divorced now and want to try my luck with foreign woman. As to all websites I’ve been registered before I had age problems as a primary issue. You know, all those beautiful photos and young singles about 20-35 are not subjects of mine. Well, for me, young girl is not mature and smart enough, I have less to speak about with them, they do not see me as a man and do not understand my sense of humor. So my intention to find a good woman about 40 years or more, divorced or without children.
    And I have seen several ones in uadreams website so I really hope that people will help me with my wishes. I have money as I earn enough and it does not matter the price is good for me. But I want that will match me seriously. I like smart conversations and I hate liars. I do not want someone earn money on me just leaving me nothing and I understand that business needs money to pay for, so I am ready to do that. I like list of offers of uadreams, good professional stuff and I like age categories to choose.

  2. Okay, I hope this will work out. I’m sick and tired with all promises I’ve got during my last year of subscription of two dating sites!

  3. I got acquainted with one russian girl through the website, firstly we were sending per letter on one free dating site but then she offered me to use fee-paying site to feel comfortable. as she explained, that there are no guarantees for ladies to be scammed as well. She also told me a story when she was corresponding with one man and lately he asked to credit him money as he had nothing to do with the using the internet as well. Can you imagine??

  4. Maniaks use free channels, that’s true. And no doubt that they succeeded in it carefully but constantly. Even 4 years ago if someone would have told me about such scam situations I would have dropped a glass of water on him!

  5. I pay money – but I want true service to get, Im from Europe and we have the high quality level of all service branches, that’s why it’s important for me to find the best one among others. But really I prefer to pay a fee.

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