Typical Ukrainian woman

There are a lot of prejudices that a Ukrainian woman should have brown eyes and black eyebrows. In our reality it turned out that after smashing of several nationalities on the territory of Ukraine a new phenotype of typical Ukrainian woman has been developed – a pretty light-skinned blonde or brown-haired woman with blue eyes.

Depending on regions of the country let’s describe all types of Ukrainian woman.

Dnipro river type: dark-haired women with optimistic nature.

Ukrainian woman from Dnipro Women from regions that stretch along the Dnipro river (like Dnipro, Zaporizhia, regions et cetera) are dark-haired ladies with long face. Such persons are more easy-going, amiable and kind than women from other parts of Ukraine. It connected with a warm climate and neighborhood with a sea. Rumors have it that such women are smart and pragmatic type of person.

Central region of Ukraine: blonde women with open-minded nature.

Ukrainian woman from Central part

Such women from Kharkiv, Sumy, Kyiv regions are persons of average completeness. Women from central regions could be fair-haired or dark-haired, it depends on their families. Such women are optimists; they become restless inventors in their professional and private life. They are usually healthy and characterized as persons with a strong spirit and a focus on success.

Danube type: women with fair hair and dark eyes.

Ukrainian blonde

Those women had come from Europe, and it determined their nature. Representatives of Ternopyl, Khmelnitsky and Vinnytsia regions look like typical European woman – long face, dark eyes and blonde hair. Their character is strong and hard, such women perceive their life through the scope of skepticism.

Polessky and Volyn types: fair-haired fairies with cute appearance.

Ukrainian woman from Volyn
The inhabitants of Lviv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Volyn have fair hair and blue eyes. Such women are very active and cheerful; they frequently look like fairies from a fairytale. They are stirring, optimistic and zippy. You would never be bored with them.

Carpathian: dark hair and tough temper.

Ukrainian woman from Carpathian
You can meet them in Lviv, Chernivtsi or Ivano-Frankivsk regions. They look very impressively – dark-haired with dark eyes and beautiful smile. They are ideal type for marriage; they adore their families and always stay on their husband’s side. Carpathian women are calm and amicable.

Characters features that confirm that Ukrainian wives are the best.

Women from Ukraine are good wives because of many reasons. They have a lot of positive features.

Beauty. Ukrainians are always in top-10 of European and worldwide beauty contests. They usually have cute appearance and beautiful smile. Women from Ukraine are descendants of several tribes, and that’s why such a smashing of bloods lead to their mixed and origin appearance.

Womanhood. Typical Ukrainian woman is a hearth keeper. She understands that her family is the main value in the whole life. Ukrainian women look gorgeous and tender in the same way.

Maternal instinct. Ukrainian traditions prescribe to ladies that they need to have a family and children when they are 25-27 years old. Ukrainians are caring mothers and housekeepers.

Frankness. Ukrainian ladies put in first place I their life not amount of money but a personality of their partner. Ladies from Ukraine are fair in such an aspect.

Education. There is a cult of high-education in Ukraine, so 90% of Ukrainian woman could have a bachelor degree in social science, psychology or even medicine.

Ways to meet your future wife from Ukraine.

If you want to have an acquaintance with a Ukrainian lady, you could use several ways.

Ukraine dating sites.

There are hundreds of profiles of ladies on such sites. They include photos of ladies and their personal stories. There are some positive points – you could have your first impression, start online dating and understand whether such a girl is interesting for you. But don’t forget on negative issues – there are a lot of scums in such sites, it could be dangerous for your money or even life.

Marriage agency in Ukraine.

It’s the better way to find your future Ukrainian wife for sure. You need to choose an agency with good reputation and a lot of successful love stories. An agency could provide you transfer, lawyer and translator service. An agency has an personal approach to every client.

Offline dating.

It’s a good idea to make sure whether your online dating partner could be a good wife and mother of your children for you. So, just come and ask her for a real date. It’s a better way to find a wife for your happy future that you could spend together.

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