Wary of Online Dating Scam

Online dating can be safe and must be safe! Reading all those stories on the Internet, people get the wrong impression that all websites and all ladies aren’t serious and you’ll lose money and time joining the dating agency. Guys, everything you need to know to be safe is not to send money to anybody. As FBI reports romance scam is one of the most common nowadays, in 2016 the losses of people who reported of being scammed was around $230 million. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. What you need to do is to join a trusted agency. Actual in 2020 – it’s better to choose a paid one because only paid websites guarantee you safety and check ladies. Free websites are full of industrious scams that have so many tricks to lighten your wallet. Let’s talk about what exactly the agencies do to protect their members. 

First of all, the agency checks every lady before putting the profile on the website. What should be verified? The manager keeps an eye on matrimony status and passport. As usual, social networks are monitored carefully. Of course, free dating sites don’t do this and on those resources, you can’t be sure that you are corresponding with a single lady or a lady at all. 

Secondly, Anti-Scam policy. How can it be helpful? You will never read the sad story in the lady’s letter when she writes to you about all sick relatives or pets, about bad salary and no money for food. Strong Anti-Scam policy forbids ladies to ask for money or presents. The agencies with a good rating always ask men to give information if the lady breaks the rules. In this case, as usual, the agency investigates the situation and deletes the lady’s profile if she goes against the rules. Feedback from men helps to protect all the members and to make communication both pleasant and safe.

Thirdly, the agency with a good reputation will never give your personal information to the third people. Private should stay private and this is a must. A trusted website will never share your address, email, phone number, or any other personal information given at the registration so you will be protected and away from scams.Be attentive and choose a good international agency and you’ll be among the happy couples who enjoy happy family life together. Ukrainian and Russian ladies prefer to choose UaDreams.com because this website has good services both for men and women. Women get all the services for free and there are some free services for men. Don’t hesitate to read more information about online dating.

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